New Instance Limit in WoW Classic

Correct, i was wrong about when itd be reverted but its going in the right direction

/shrug you’re welcome to keep thinking that.

None of the changes have addressed the issues people are complaining about as I explained.

Ziryus is going to defend Blizzard on this right up until it gets reverted (if it does) or altered enough to the point that the lockout doesn’t matter anymore. I’m currently satisfied with this change to the point I don’t need to complain about it anymore. I can do my 10-20 Lasher farms on the priest in the morning and sit my lowbie in SM/MARA in the evening and get 10-30 of those knocked out or do some Jump Runs and help guildies farm Arena on the lock. The belt feels so much looser now.

Ummmm, it’s addressed two key ones.

  1. Affecting 40 man raiding which could not be farmed by an individual bot in any way.
  2. Affecting legitimate players with alts who want to farm.

The only ones left to address are the legitimate players who are farming things like HoJ (which is mostly being resolved in the next patch), the inadvertent feral nerf this caused, and some weekend warrior players.

I saw a suggestion for adding the authenticater as a variable for legit players. Its a great idea.

A big part of the White Knight / fanboi argument was that Blizzard thought mage farming, boosting, and alt character resets were exploitative. This last explanation clearly shows that is NOT the case. This is a poor strategy to combat bots, nothing more.

Admit you’re wrong, take your plate of crow, and move on. You’re making yourself and the others that have been obtuse about this look worse by the post.


The main complaints were not about those things however. The main complaints have been from people who want to farm excessively on one character. None of the tweeks do anything to help that.

Except nobody was complaining about that until after the change was made



It would if I still cared, I could do 30x on my alt and not be stressed about my main but since the change came out I started raid logging. Put me in the disenfranchised but not yet quitting club. They still haven’t made the one change that actually matters which is creating a tool to actually track the lockouts.

This most recent change doesn’t help your expanded view of what “exploitative behavior” means, it’s there as a stopgap because they’re having trouble banning bots before 60 not to stop boosting, farming and everything else you like to think exploitative means.


The “mountain” is a small number of players and their alts creating the illusion of large numbers.


Whatever makes you feel better.

You’re not using logic. You’re shutting your eyes, plugging your ears, and shouting, “We can bypass it! We can bypass it!”

I pointed out that this was intended to buy them time to ban bots before they could become profitable a week ago:

And they explicitly confirmed it now:

You have yet to explain how transferring servers and/or creating more accounts is leveling the bot faster so that it can become profitable before they ban it.


It slows bots down. But a lot of bots still lasts months before they get banned.

I get their goal is to slow them down. It just doesn’t seem effective to change their leveling speed from 2-3 days to a week when it can take months to ban them.

I get why they made the change, it’s just not effective.

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Is this detestable change still implemented?

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You and I have no idea how long it takes for the bots to be profitable or how long it takes to ban them. Be honest. You don’t know whether or not it’s effective.

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Yep, because Blizzard doesn’t care if they hurt players with their changes.


Let’s look at how long it takes people of in game played time to hit 60.

When using boosting to level, someone did it in about 2 days played time. When using the normal strategies of not boosting players typically saw about 3-4 days

So taking both of these into consideration and assuming a bot would be able to be boost leveled in about 2-3 days. Now that that isn’t as much of an option because of the limit I assumed it would take them 2 times longer to level as they can’t purely boost. Which leaves me at about a week to level.

This is using known parameters of players who leveled effectively, reducing the effectiveness by about 50% because of bots being less effective to get the 2-3 days leveled with boosting. Then adding in the dungeon limit being reduced to force bots into the open world, and doubling the time taken again. Then adding an extra day because of open world inconveniences like another person having killed stuff where they are farming, or killed them. This is how I get to about a week of time used for them to level, instead of the time it likely took them before of 2-3days. It’s an educated guess, that’s true. But it’s likely reasonably accurate.

Now, considering the bots are also using pathing hacks, like fly, wall, ground hacks. All they need is to hit 60 to become “profitable”. They don’t need good gear because they hack as well.


This is a valid point; the video showing the fly hack starts by inspecting the bot, which was wearing sub-par random leveling gear.

At the very least, Blizzard has confirmed this is entirely intended to target bots. Confirmed instance pathing and farming are acceptable behaviors. And reduced the restrictions to try and find a middle ground with legitamate players.

Regardless of what software company you work for, whether you develop games, business software, or utilities on phones, every change you make hurts a portion of your customers. When making decisions, product management has to decide whether the costs outweigh the benefits. They care that players are hurt, as is evidenced by the latest change that made the restrictions per character rather than per account. They’ve determined, however, that the benefit from this change (buying more time to ban bots before they become profitable) outweighs the cost (ticking off a marginalized segment of the player base).

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When it turns 2-3days into a week, it’s not very effective considering they take months to ban bots at times.

Again, you have no idea how long it takes them to ban bots. Repeating “months” over and over doesn’t make it true.

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