New Instance Limit in WoW Classic

I’m not going to answer anything because I’m not falling into a circular troll argument. You claimed the April Fools joke was less restrictive and continuously cite the one portion of it that seemingly fits your narrative. I called you out, that’s all, there’s nothing to discuss.

If 40 dungeon runs per day was considered so absurd by vanilla devs it was literally an april fool’s joke, how does 30 dungeon runs per day somehow fit the supposed ‘spirit of vanilla’ or ‘vanilla design philosophy’?


It wasn’t 40 dungeon runs per day. Re-read the april fool’s post.

It doesn’t and can’t be defended, which is why he wants to change the debate direction.

The fanbois don’t have a leg to stand on other than assumption and wanting to turn Classic into retail. They’ll be the same ones cheering if LFD gets put in because “LOLz now I can do dungeons on my 15th alt, lolz”


She is calling the April Fool’s suggested system less restrictive than the current restriction. Which is arguing in bad faith.

When you realize the other side is arguing in bad faith you just stop arguing. That Delimicus still replies at all says a lot about his patience and understanding.


I don’t play retail, I haven’t used LFD or LFR in years. I don’t like or care for those systems.

I also believe they can modify the daily 30 instance cap and make it a weekly 210 cap for people that can only play a couple days a week. I don’t see a good reason why that compromise can’t be made, hopefully Blizzard is more communicative about this.

So yes, they specify the 5/character ea. on 8 character slots for the 40.

The spirit of that, is 40 between all characters on a realm.
Right now we have 30 between all characters on a realm.

It’s both more and less restrictive. Depending on the play style, for an altaholic, it’s less restrictive.


You need to be playing seven different characters and doing more than one dungeon on all seven of those characters for it to be less restrictive.

Actually, it was. Luckily for you, I quoted it directly a few posts up for easy reading!

that’s a total of 40 dungeon-runs per day!*

Back the the topic at hand – can anyone actually respond to this, or do we still want to play the pedantic attempts at derailing some more?

If 40 dungeon runs per day was considered so absurd by vanilla devs it was literally an april fool’s joke, how does 30 dungeon runs per day somehow fit the supposed ‘spirit of vanilla’ or ‘vanilla design philosophy’?

40 dungeons a day wasn’t considered absurd. The other restrictions were.

3 of the same dungeon a day.

5 dungeons per character.

The “40 dungeons a day” bit was Blizzard cheekily saying “see? You will be able to do as many as 40 dungeons a day!”

Meh, I guess the joke just went over your head.


And with the current restriction, you can only do 30 dungeons per day across all 8 characters per realm.

how is this in the spirit of vanilla if, again, 40 per day was not?

40 per day was very much in the spirit of Vanilla lol. A 40 per day restriction doesn’t affect anyone (or so Blizzard thought) so by cheekily “marketing” it as a 40 per day restriction it “masks” the actual 3-of-the-same-instante-per-day restriction, which would of course be ridiculous.

And now the joke isn’t funny anymore because I had to explain it.

Why? The devs thought it was so absurd they made the very concept into an April fools joke. Why would that have happened if they felt it fit their design vision?

Has there seriously not been enough backlash yet for Blizzard to make a comment on this? The change needs to be reveted. Real players are being effected and I’m tired of being told how I can play the game. 30 instances is not much across 4 toons. Revert this horrible change already.


You mean the april’s fools joke made to mock people who complained about the 5 runs per hour limit? Just like there’s a small handful complaining about 30 runs per day?

It wasn’t made to mock people upset about the 5/hr

It was made as a joke about people who wanted to farm dungeons and how silly it would be to limit them in such a way because vanilla was about grindfests.


Except they did have limits on how much you could grind in vanilla :stuck_out_tongue:

Keep in mind that april fool’s joke came out after the 5 runs per hour was added, and just like now a handful of people whined incessantly about it even though it really didn’t matter that much to most people. It was a joke aimed at mocking them with a “it could be this much worse”

Could you pull up the wayback machine forum evidence to support your claim?

The april fool’s joke was from 2006, after the 5 runs per hour was added.