New Instance Limit in WoW Classic

Substitute “spirit” with philosophy. If people were abusing dungeons back in Vanilla to the extent that they are now, design philosophy of the time says that they would have restricted it back then as well.

Do you have any internal data on this?

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It needs to be bolded but I disagree that 30/per for all characters is a problem.

This seems to impact and maybe correct exploitation and excessive farming.

Source, and proof that they’re not. This cuts both ways. You’re the one that made the unsubstantiated claim to begin with:

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Its kinda cute how hard youre fanboing me

Says who? The current Blizzards devs?

The issue with that is the current Blizzard devs design philosophy is very different from the Original WoW devs design philosophy. The current devs have shown us their philosophy in retail. We rejected it, and were given classic as a return to the original vision and designs.
Why is it appropriate now to transfer retail design philosophies now into classic when the entire reason for the existence of classic is to get away from retail design philosophies? That is Classic’s chief selling point - that it’s not retail! We were promised a product “warts and all”, and that’s what we paid our money for. If the current team now believe this original aspect of the game to be a “wart”, fine, but give us what you promised. We want and paid for our warts. Keep retail design philosophies in retail where they belong.

And since the blue post said explicitly that this change only affects a “handful” of players, your claims that “widespread” abuse was the “exploitative” game-play cause is highly dubious and thus probably wrong, and something that a blue post in this thread SHOULD have clarified a long time ago (instead of ghosting us).
What is clear though is the change has been entirely ineffective to do what the rest of us interpreted the comments to be referring to - flying and noclipping bots in ZG farming 24/7 making gold for RMT (behavior we all want to see gone). The bots are still farming 24/7 only with 4 times as many toons. So the rest of us are left wondering, why the change exists when it’s effectively exempts bots, and only goes after a “handful” of legitimate people who, arguably to some people, play too much, while doing nothing nothing about the poor SoBs grinding out High Warlord instead? The change is entirely nonsensical.


People keep saying this but the reality is blizzard added limits on reset spam in vanilla.

Wait, which retail design philosophy? Limiting the number of dungeons one can do in a 24 hour period? That doesn’t exist in retail.

In fact, you can grind out dungeons through the Mythic+ system and there’s no lockout whatsoever. You can grind out near BiS loot nonstop and be geared out in a week if you want.

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And you will notice that not one person here is complaining about those. Original decisions made by the original developers are a-okay with us - regardless of whether we think it’s a wart or not - it’s what we signed up for.

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Retail has a lot of time gating mechanics not present in classic. Daily quests, mission boards, daily/weekly dungeon rewards which are all designed to control the rate of everything from gold to gearing. The fact they have not put this exact limit into retail yet is just icing on the cake of why this change is so ridiculous.

Hey Blizzard…can you stop ghosting this thread and actually respond to the mountain of complaints.

You didn’t answer my question.

What is the spirit of vanilla? What was the design philosophy of vanilla? If 30 per day instance limits fit the spirit and design philosophy of vanilla, why did vanilla devs mock a less limiting restriction with an april fools joke?


The joke wasn’t less restrictive, you’re being very disingenuous by claiming that. If it was less restrictive, do you reckon all the Feral Druids complaining about the daily 30 limit would prefer the “less restrictive” April Fools joke?

New Dungeon Visitation Limitation System

With the many improvements to end-game dungeons implemented last patch, we decided that it was necessary to limit the number of times a player can enter a dungeon per day. This was done to prevent the economy from being flooded with overly valuable items, and to ensure that players weren’t acquiring too much gold during what we’d consider a reasonable amount of play-time. We realize that many players enjoy repeated trips to their favorite dungeons, so we’ve made this new limitation as least restrictive as possible. Each character on a player’s account may enter the same dungeon up to three times per day, and may visit a total of five dungeons over the course of a twenty-four hour period. Keep in mind, each character on your account is flagged separately so with eight characters, that’s a total of 40 dungeon-runs per day!

40 is more than 30. Not sure how you think its ‘disingenuous’ to therefore call a limit of 40 less restrictive than a limit of 30.


Okay, propose the joke as an alternative to the current situation. Surely that “less restrictive” compromise would go over well on these forums.


That makes no sense. If the argument is to ‘preserve the spirit of vanilla’ or ‘design philosophy of vanilla’, then a limitation that is equal to or worse than a limitation the original vanilla devs literally mocked as a concept absurd enough to be an april fools joke doesnt appear to fit the bill.

This is really simple stuff.


Did you not read the entirety of that April Fools joke?

How is limiting a character to 5 total instances a day “less restrictive?” You do realize the majority of complaints are from people locking themselves out on a single character, right? 5 dungeons a day is more restrictive than 30 dungeons a day.

Sure is, try reading and comprehending the entirity of that joke and call it “less restrictive” again, given the context of people’s complaints about the daily 30 instance cap.

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a total of 40 dungeon-runs per day

Anyways, can you answer my question rather than continually attempting to derail the conversation with bad faith arguments? If 40 dungeon runs per day was considered so absurd by vanilla devs it was literally an april fool’s joke, how does 30 dungeon runs per day somehow fit the supposed ‘spirit of vanilla’ or ‘vanilla design philosophy’?


Like disingenuously calling a more restrictive system, less restrictive? I’m sure all the Feral Druids would love to be capped at 3 MCP runs a day. I’m sure all the Mages complaining about being locked would love to be locked after 5 dungeon boost runs.

When you’re ready to answer my question, let me know. I’m not particularly interested in your attempts to derail into pedantic side arguments if you cannot answer a very simple question:

If 40 dungeon runs per day was considered so absurd by vanilla devs it was literally an april fool’s joke, how does 30 dungeon runs per day somehow fit the supposed ‘spirit of vanilla’ or ‘vanilla design philosophy’?

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Unless you’re answering the question above, you may as well just stop typing btw.