New Instance Limit in WoW Classic

This change is hurting legitimate players too. I am currently farming ‘Blade of Eternal Darkness’ which requires you to enter a huge number of instances for a reasonable chance of a drop (527 Instances for a 50% chance). Punishing people for wanting to put in the extra hours is unreasonable.


Why is this change still not reverted ? Hello?


just putting down my daily complaint that this change is absolute trash.


I had an issue a while back farming raids in retail. At the time I didn’t realize there was an account-wide lockout, but that still didn’t explain the behavior I was observing. Later I figured out that the lockout was realm-wide, not account-wide.

People in CS often make up stuff that makes sense to them, not realizing it’s wrong.

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I saw videos too. I went into game and actually saw them myself. True.

I ate all my greens, did my chores, brushed my teeth and took Fido for a walk, is it ok for me to play my dungeons for the day papa Blizz?


No. You have to wash your hands.

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I know it is Sunday and you have the whole day ahead to play but No, you can’t play as I don’t want you farming gold in instances but your brother can play Battleground PvP for 18 hours straight.

I get your point.


I hit the cap today as a “normal” player
I have been leveling a mage, just so I can provide portals to my guild at world buff locations.
I am now capped, and cannot enter another dungeon.
I do not know when the cap is lifted - there is zero indicator.
It looks like I’m logging off…
Any solution where your players are unable to play the game is not the correct solution

I am worried that tomorrow I will not be able to run more either… I can only really play a lot on the weekends, and now there’s nothing I can do…

Please revert this change.


revert the change




Oh, while we’re at it Blizz, why not ban multiboxers then?

Now they have a clear advantage over ordinary players.

Stupid change. #unsub


It’s not just Blizzard who doesn’t care, NOBODY cares that you only get 30 chances a day now to get your exploited game mechanic weapon.

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3200 replies, mostly negative, disagree.

So… wrong?


I think buying runs is against the spirt of Classic.


The saddest part is, back in 2004-6 the original blizzard team made an April’s fool joke and released a bluepost saying a “5 dungeon a day lockout change” was coming. Obviously it was a joke so this never occurred.

It seems like these monkeys at Activision found that old joke but didn’t have the mental capacity to figure out that it was in fact a joke. But eh, that’s what you get for hiring a marketing team instead of actual game devs…

Truth be told, this is a change announced as “combating the bots” when in fact it’s a change trying to push legitimate players to start paying 2, 3, 4, 5+ monthly subscription so lockouts don’t affect all their characters. This does literally nothing to stop botting and will do nothing to lower AH prices whatsoever.

This is simply a money grabbing move and if you can’t see it for what it is, you’re either oblivious to what’s been happening over at Blizzard/Activision these past few years or simply in denial.

I will give them credit though, their marketing team really made you swallow it all up!


Yeah dude, it’s a marketing ploy to get the 0.1% of players that will ever hit the daily 30 instance cap to pay for 5 accounts.


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You mean that you believe Blizzards report that only 0.1% of players were affected by this?

I wonder if the fact that no one can track the number of instances they run properly doesn’t contribute to lowering these stats. That’s if I believed them in the first place.

It is easier to drink from the Kool-aid though, not gonna lie.

I don’t even know where you guys come up with stuff like this. I legitimately can’t believe you’re serious.

You think this is a scheme to get super addicted people that MUST run 150 dungeons every day to pay for 5 accounts.

Go and read your post and really think about it.

Tell me, how is limiting the number of instances ran per day going to help reduce the amount of bots or boosters in the game?

It won’t. It will just get the bots and boosters to pay for more subscriptions leaving the average player with what choices to keep up? Get more subscriptions

Go on and try thinking beyond the tip of your nose.

The end result does not change: more active subscriptions.