New Instance Limit in WoW Classic

blizz, is this dumpster fire lockout change still not reverted?

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You are literally the worst kind of person. What gives you the right to judge how other people play the game. It has nothing to do with you. Stop trying to control people and shame their behavior. You don’t know peoples circumstances. You aren’t an arbiter for how a game should be played.

Maybe you should get off the forums, because it seems you’re here an unhealthly amount spewing toxicity in the community.


I think you would be hard pressed to complete a level appropriate dungeon in appropriate gear, so say UBRS/LBRS/Strat/Scholo/BRD/DM in greens/blues at level 60 30 times in 24 hours.

Have you ever tried to complete Dire Maul West? Like ever? Yes, you can ‘complete’ it at level 60 over 30 times in 24-hours if you want to. How about the more realistic scenario of completing an Arena/Anger run? You can also complete that at level 60 over 30 times in 24-hours. What about a DIre Maul jump run? Also trivial to complete at level 60 over 30 times in 24-hours.

Here we are again blizz. I cant zone into ZF anymore, I really appretiate that fact I also cant raid on my alts too.


Ah they atleast fixed that for non-ZG raids check the hotfixes

for once, i agree with the horde gold bot

Fair point. I honestly just assumed AQ20/ZG fell into the same bucket as excluded from the lockout given they’re not controllable resets.

I should have checked myself before I rekt myself

They have repeatedly made changes to battle exploitation of DM over the years. Are you really certain you want to hold yet another one up as an example of the virtue of abusing the reset mechanic?

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Here’s the thing though: no one but bots ad other mages who amassed a torrential downpour of gold cares about the plight you face, only being able to do it 30 times a day now.

PS: Read the forums. This does not affect 40 man raids.

It does effect ZG and (when it’s out) AQ 20

Only 40 man raids were excluded not 20 mans.

I see that sane people have run out of reports.

A moment of silence for the “exp carry market”. What a blow to the game.


Because clearly ZG was being exploited. Come on man, do you honestly think it was just an oversight?

He’s just clarifying for someone, relax.

The game is very different at 60. You’ll understand one day.


Having it be in the game for the past 15 years seems to be a good enough reason to keep it the same…

You do realize that a lot of people are solely playing classic because some of these mechanics exist. Retail trivialized a lot of the benefit from farming. It’s not like there are dailies…in classic people keep themselves occupied doing whatever the hell they want. Now this change puts a limit on that experience for the sake of bots? We all know this change isn’t going to affect bots nearly as much as it will players.


He was directly replying to me, in response to a post that I clearly wrote “40 man raids”.


You were saying?

No, it’s a horrible reason.

I have no doubt whatsoever. The vast majority of those are bots and goldselling farmers.

You can still farm, farming has not been cut off completely. You simply can no longer do it unabated.

Sure they do. And when Blizzard sees certain things as damaging to the game, guess what? Changes are made, and you and every player with an account signed the EULA agreeing that blizzard can do so.

No, it puts a limit on because all players, bots and non automated, have proven that they cannot stop from damaging the game unless blizzard steps in.

It affects both, and both were abusing the system and crushing economies. How many times does that have to be pointed out before it sinks in? Are posters simply ignoring that aspect of the situation repeatedly?

Here’s an idea. Blizzard can invest more money into GMs for handling report tickets and banning bots. They can put development resources into identifying and banning bots. They can add more authentication measures to increase the confidence of authentic accounts.

It’s not that hard to add in checks to the game to detect speed hacking and fly hacking. If (timeInAir > timeInAirThreshold) -> flag account. Have flagged accounts be investigated by a GM. Similar checks can be made hacks for mining nodes in ZG and whatnot. The point is that it’s very possible to do these things, but it requires investment.

None of these things would affect players and would be far more effective. Sure the amount of money Blizzard loses from people quitting over this change is pretty small. Monetarily it makes sense for Blizzard to keep this change in…botters have to make more accounts and acquire more risk to run their operations. More accounts = more money for Blizzard. It just means Blizzard gets a higher percentage of the botters margins.

For botters it’s a math equation for them. Can they run bot accounts for long enough without getting caught to make a profit? If that answer is still yes then botting is still going to happen.

The integrity of the game is important in the long term. There is no mystery as to why so many people came back to classic. A lot of customers didn’t like the direction Blizzard went with the franchise. When classic literally doubles the subscription count, do you not think there is a reason as to why? All this change does is hurt legitimate players that invest a lot of time into the game. Sure it’s the minority of players, but can’t everyone agree that people should be able to play the game how they want?

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Here’s the thing. I have no mage OR bots. I care about his plight. This stops me from farming in so many different ways, playing a druid and a paladin. It’s an objectively bad change. They should have never implemented it. Stop whiteknighting so hard like you’re in the majority, you’re most certainly not. It’s OBVIOUS the player base as a whole DOES NOT WANT THIS CHANGE.