New Instance Limit in WoW Classic

Raids are not effected by lockout for 40 man’s,… Now.

That wasn’t part of the original announcement or decision.

They changed it after a day or two. Which already effected one of my raid days and we had 2 of our players locked for the raid. One of them was a hunter that does DMT for buffs for the raid as he did the instance about 20 times to farm the late night before and did it 8 times the day of the raid partially to get people their buffs. Then went to Ubers, BWL, and was locked out of MC and ONYXIA.

They made the 40 man change the next day…

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ZG and AQ 20 will still be tied to the 30/day limit. So not all raids were removed from the limit.

Blizzard doesnt comprehend that any change they make, especially to scarcity or limits only HELPS the bots, it never hurts them. Why? They can still go 24/7, they just switch to another bot account, which is probably why you see more now. It only encourages them to make more bots.

The answer is to ban them before they can make a profit, and thats it, you win. They only do it for profits, if they make no profit they stop botting. Problem solved.


Bizz- rest assured that while the 1% of your playerbase crushed by 30 lock continue their nasal whine, us average Joe players cheer for 30 lock and the 75k ban. Please continue to cut the legs out from these cheaters. We hope that your anti-cheater methods eventually cut the head off the filthy cheating beast.

Keep up the good work!

Except the change doesn’t solely target legitimate players. And legitimate players were largely not impacted.

I’m happy for the 75k ban as well, but when your farming gear that is rare, it’s very annoying to have that lockout when you can only play 1-2 days a week

Yes it does- that gold sellers and botters are now applauding the change should tell you everything.

Bots easily ignore this restriction, it takes them a minor, effortless adjustment and then it’s business as usual. Legit players now are limited, reducing competition with bots- letting bots have a greater market share of gold supply.

At best this does nothing to stop bots, at worst this makes it more appealing and lucrative.


Links please :slight_smile:


You are utterly wrong. How is it impossible for you to understand that this limit only helps bots? The bots will just keep making more accounts, more bots to keep track of more bots to ban. This is limiting real players who wants to spend their entire day/weekend farming, materials/items have skyrocketed due to the the ban wave, but it wont be long now till they go back down to what they once were due to there being 5x as many bots as before


cheaters rage very hard in this thread

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If they could just make more account they already would be doing so.

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Second paragraph the gold seller advertises his site.


You’ve been nothing but a nuisance to this forum thread, posting gibberish arguments and still not fully understanding the greater impact of this change. Go out and actually buy some mage boosts, make a mage, just because youre a casual level 54 still doesnt mean you know what goes on at the highest level of classic. Sit

You haven’t looked at low level zones since the announcement have you?

Saw over 40 poorly named lvl 1-5 an hour after the change per starting zone, so over 120 new characters, right after this was announced…

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Correct, ive opened every starter zone in my server and see at least 1-5 mages with stupid htinhid names between level 1-10. They are back, it doesnt take them long.

It’ll take more than 12. And when it gets to that point, it won’t be worth running. Let’s not forget that everything in it will be green by the time you’re in your mid 60’s and grey by 67. Rep gains from normal sub-68 dungeons stops at honored, if memory serves.

So, your elitist imaginary supergroup might be able to take it on, but it’ll be pointless.

:roll_eyes: This makes absolutely no sense.

Revert the lockout. This is one of the worst changes Blizz has ever made and it does almost nothing to curtail betting. Every single player now is having to use an Addon to track their instance IDs and are changing the way they play.

Revert the change. No one is in favor of it.


Well, they fixed the raid issue. At least that.

But I think we still have issues where Blizzard allows people to play too much. The only solution are the following reasonable limits that I unilaterally declare are enough for everyone (disagreeing with me on any point makes you pro RMT and pro botting):

  • no more than 20 enemy players killed a day including battle grounds. The reason is that after you ruin 20 peoples’ day, you’ve hurt enough feelings for one day. All your attacks/healing will hit for 0 for the rest of the day.
  • no more than 50 nodes picked a day. Leave some for other people.
  • no more than 20 auction house transactions a day. The game is not meant to be a stock market simulator, and you’re clearly just using the AH wrong.
  • No more than one raid a week across all toons. They are meant to feel special.
  • No more than 10 crafts a day per character. Their hands get tired from all the waving, and characters that primarily craft do not go with the WARcraft theme we have going.
  • No more than 3 characters per realm. Any more gets too confusing, and people don’t devote enough time to each to learn to play them well. This leads to lesser skills in group content detrimental to everyone else. Restricting the number of characters gives players more time to learn each character.
  • no more than 25 quests a day per character. They are QUESTS not errands, and need to feel more special than a grocery list. By limiting them, players can savor them more.
  • no more than 150 npcs killed per character. Again, you are depopulating the world for everyone else and ruining their enjoyment of the game as they wait on respawns.
  • no more than 10 characters per zepplin. The Grom Gol zepplin operators are complaining about weight limits every time an Ony buff goes out in the evening.

All these limitations can be immediately lifted from your account if you email blizzard “I am a bot”, but will result in a 2 week account ban at the end of 4 months. For every 4 accounts you apply this to, you will receive a free level 60 boost as a thank you for your business. You are very important to us, and we’re sorry for inconveniencing you slightly.


Heres something even better, i’ve been streaming for about 40 minutes and this bot has been doing his route in front of my fishing spot, exact same movements, delays between looting and skinning, all classic bot behavior. You are uniformed, maybe actually play the game