New Instance Limit in WoW Classic

Anyone saying or repeating this trash never played Vanilla and knows nothing about the game, no surprise it’s mostly retail players that are used to having their hand held and are incapable of knowing what to do unless daddy Blizz tells them to do it.

It takes only 6 hours to hit the lockout for a day, on one character- if you’re like many players with alts you may be used to running dungeons or doing other farms once you hit the hourly cap, meaning your account can hit that cap far, far faster.

Six hours in Vanilla is nothing. Maybe in retail that means something, because quite frankly I’d want to go stare at drying paint after six hours in retail. In Vanilla? That’s casual play.

Want r14? You’re looking at 3-4 months of 18+ hour days without rest. Even getting r11 for the mount or 13 for the armour would mean months of playing 2-3x longer than a mere 6 hours per day.

A casual player that only has weekends free? On average they might play 2-3 hours a day, but if that’s all on the weekend they’ll quickly pass the daily lockout.

Raiders that buff on sunday and raid tuesday might want to spend those days farming on an alt or levelling in dungeons.

This is what I personally did in Vanilla- I raided, I ended up being on 4 of the 10ish raid guilds on my server, a mix of casuals that never finished BWL and serious ones that got through AQ and most of Naxx. My weekends were 10+ hours of raiding each day, and spending that much time in a raid wasn’t uncommon.

Between raiding and serious pvp ranking it was normal to be spending well over 6 hours on some days playing the game in Vanilla. So the continued suggestion that spending that much time in game isn’t ‘Vanilla’ is absurdly far from the truth. That sort of time commitment was generally required at endgame, it’s part of what made it considered so hardcore to do any raiding at all.

Massive time commitments is not only intended in Vanilla, it was basically required if you wanted to do the top content- and anyone saying otherwise has no idea what happened back then.


And the sock puppet parade continues.

The irony of this being posted by one of THE most chronic complainers about Alterac Valley is priceless.

There’s going to be a lot of bitterness and long lasting hatrid for the 5 or 6 constant posters like yourself who are basking in this update and simping for blizzard all day once this dumpster fire of an update gets reverted. It’s strange, on the EU forums people are mad as well, but they barely have ANYONE on those forums thats sitting here arguing circular points all day with people who’s gameplay was just ruined. Maybe it’s a different culture over there? Idk. Seems like the US forums has more supporters of this massive change to core gameplay than they do.

Anyone who says “we did this in vanilla” should be regarded with extreme skepticism.


Why are so many people on these forums calling players who do a lot of dungeons not normal? don’t quite understand why you degrade other players for how they play then call them elitists at the same time. Talk about hypocritical.

Everybody has a different way they want to play the game and it’s not your place to decide how they do it, all the hate for mages is unreal, its not exploiting at all and you just come off as jealous and pathetic.

This change is directed torwards BOTS, and its affecting actual people play. If this change affected you i’m sure you wouldn’t be happy either.

Also it does not suddenly reduce bots efficiency, they are just making gold on a different realm instead. I have no idea how some people cannot comprehend this. To put it in simple terms, If they are collecting 4 gold a day, if they collect 1 gold per server it’s still equal to 4. Please stop using this stupid argument.

Blizzard, please reconsider your stance on this change. Remove the dungeon cap.

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Not a single point that I have posted is “circular”. It is pretty cut and dry. You simply cannot view the situation reasonably, and would rather thrash about having a meltdown.

PS: it is “hatred”

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I actually wrote out a very lenghy post explaining how the limit does not hurt boosting or botting. Many people have taken the time to explain the various easy ways 30 lockouts can be achieved in a day quite quickly. But it gets tiring trying to explain it over and over again, and some of you ignore it and just deflect. It’s just so strange how a select few people on here are so passionate about defending something that dosnt even do much in regards to the reason it was implemented, and you seek to convince us all that our hobbies in game were wrong to begin with. And whats really funny is that this is happening in regards to VANILLA WoW, one of the most sandbox styled no life mmo’s known to ever exist. You actually have people defending time gating in vanilla wow. Like what?

Like imagine putting your effort and time into simply supporting something because it hurts those that you don’t view their form of enjoyment in the same way that they do, that barley affects you to start with. What kind of sorry, lame kind of disdain towards others must one have to do this? Not the fun sort of people i’d like to run into at a party, that’s for sure. It’s very sad, and I think some of you actually get off on it to some degree. Like ive ignored this thread for a little while and come back to seeing the same couple people arguing and as I read everything i’m like: ‘‘Wtf are you guys on about?’’ Complete sesspool of mental gymnastics.


Every coin injected into the economy effects every single player.

This may floor you, but some of us can actually see the big picture instead of our own prosperity, and care about the health and the economy of the game we play.


No gymnastics here. Just an adult who can view things beyond my personal gain.

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You simply can’t fathom how little a 30 daily instance reset affects the in game economy. Even though it’s been explained already. You guys are giving too much credit to the copper looted in stockades and SFK, and the couple gold looted in mara each run. All of this arguing on your side stems from simply being against mages/boosters, when as pointed out many times, this affects others just as much if not more. If blizzard was really against boosting, they could fix it in other ways than this literal time gating crap being imposed on the entire population of players. And actually, you’re hypocritical as hell right now saying you’re adult who can see things past your own self gain, because the reasoning behind your opinion and a few others opinion that this is actually a good thing for the game is entirely selfish.


lol, wut?



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Yeah, it’s selfish. And if you can’t see the irony of your opinion on the issue, then I can’t help you. Keep upping your post count by debating people all day trying to sound like ben shapiro instead of the actual Karen you are.


It’d be funny if Misadventure were an adult, seeing how he wants Blizzard to tell him how long he can play each day like he’s still a child.


I’d love to see a 30 post per 24 hour limit on the forums. Just think of the vein that would be popping out of Misadventure’s head when they can’t comment on every single post.


I mean, what reason could anyone have for posting more than 30 times in a day? That’s not how much any of us posted back on the Vanilla WoW forums.


Yep this would cut down on forum bots as well, and would help keep the spirit of the forums alive.


Attack her arguements, not her as a person.

It’s cool. It just shows that their arguments are rubbish.

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I’m tired of attacking arguments. If they can’t understand by now they aren’t going to. I’ll debate them if someone pays me for it. They’ll just run the conversation into circles some more and drive up their own post count. Some people just love to argue, and they’ll always take whatever stance on an issue they can that allows them to sit there the longest. Crap happens IRL as well when you talk politics, it turns into nothing but mental gymnastics for hours until you can’t even tell what the original question was. These kind of people aren’t new.

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He has no arguments- all he does is attack people for who they are and fish through posts for one line to reference, ignoring everything else.

Note that he doesn’t deny he wants Blizz to tell adults how long they’re allowed to play the game, that’s not a jab that’s what you do to children and that’s what Misadventure wants- to be treated like a child that can’t make his own decisions about his leisure time.