New Instance Limit in WoW Classic

couldnt go to a guild zg today because blizzard decided that i had played the game too much for one day, still trying to figure out how anyone thought this was a good idea


But they need to level four times as many bots, right? Doesn’t that take like four times the manpower to coordinate and manage? And only one bot can run on one account at a time, so instead of one bot on one account going 24/7, they have to keep switching bots on each account every time one hits the cap, right?

I don’t know much about them, but it sounds like significantly more hoops to go through to me, which should increase the cost to the people running them, making it less profitable. I doubt this was good news to them.


They level through botting.

No, because bots require zero manpower. In fact, zero manpower is sort of the entire point of botting.

I am currently hitting the 30 instance cap literally every single day. Even when I have work or RL events, I’m still hitting the instance cap and then having to go find something else to do (that I really don’t want to) for hours at a time. I’m having to be incredibly careful that I leave 1 or 2 dungeons free a day to do Trib before raid, or if I want to do ZG on an alt. Even then, it’s difficult because the Weakaura isn’t 100% accurate.

Blizzard hastily rushed this change out, affected a number (not a huge amount, but still a fair few) of legitimate players, and then have just gone dead silent. I’m sure the intentions were good, all in the name of hampering botters, but this change was rushed, wrong and not the solution.


Does this seem suspect to anybody else?


I wonder how many people have already quit or feel entirely discouraged from reaching such a cap now that they just submit and don’t run dungeons anymore. Trying to power level my alts and get world buffs one day was the end for me: way too much anxiety using multiple characters on the same account to enter Dire Maul and having no indication what my cap lockout looked like… I just raid log these days.


Oh of course it is. It’s because they dont’ care about the hardcore community.


So they level themselves up 1-60, gear themselves up, and manage themselves, including entering and leaving instances, clearing bags and selling drops, and knowing when they’ve reached the instance cap and switching to other toons? No real person involved at all at any point? They are fully functional artificial intelligence? Spooky.

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Yes, actually.

There are bots that will take your credit card and create and pay for new accounts. Aside from the initial installation of the botting software, there’s no real person involved.

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Please take back this silly change. ffs


You think you want to get rid of caps but you don’t. :roll_eyes:

Good grief - these are bots programmed to go into ZG, take payments from players, then round up every melee mob in ZG, bring them back to near the boostees, and AOE them all down, dealing with all resists and other events, using nothing but BOE greens from the auction house, and looting all the dead mobs, and doing bag management to maximize profit.
Are you SERIOUSLY trying to claim with a straight face, programming an instance count, and log off and a character swap, is some insurmountable difficulty to them? You cannot be serious!


Good grief? Are you Charlie Brown?

I didn’t “claim” anything. I’m asking. Note the question marks. I’m not familiar with the process. Never botted before. Never noticed one in WoW that I’m aware of. I figured there has to be a human element in there somewhere, right? In which case, this change creates extra work for them. It’s not Agent Smith controlling everything, right? Or is it? I’m asking.

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Automation has gotten to the point where you can script just about anything in a virtual environment.

This isn’t sci-fi anymore, it’s real. Yes, you can program a bot to level itself, farm for you, sell RMT, etc.

The idea that the instance cap is doing anything to them but be a minor crack in a road is comical.


They were pretty up front that they weren’t going to recreate it in this respect:

Additional improvements will include modern anti-cheat/botting detection, customer service and integration, and similar conveniences that do not affect the core gameplay experience.


I’m going to have to say that I feel this change very much crosses that line.


I have to say I don’t feel that way at all. I have never once done 30 instances in a single day, so I have a hard time believing that’s a part of the core experience.


Sorry, but running >30 instances inside a 24 hour period is not remotely the core gameplay (vanilla) experience.


Not that specifically but the idea of being able to make steady progress towards a goal through grinding without arbitrary time-gates.

This change goes against that in my mind.