New immune trinket

The new immune trinket makes you immune to kicks and ccs. Atleast thats what it says in the tooltip. But whenever I see someone use that trinket they are also immune to my asphyxiate and gnaw and those are stuns not crowd control. Is this intended that people are immune to kicks ccs and hard stuns and the only thing you can do is sit there and die? Am I wrong in believing my spells tooltips saying they’re stuns but in reality are crowd control abilites.

A stun is crowd control?


do you know what a cc is

a cc is anything that prevents you from taking actions you input
if there was a spell that caused you to walk backwards when you input forward, it would also be a cc

how don’t you know this



The way that the trinket works is that it makes your sit 20% longer CCs/interrupts, but once affected it’ll grant you immunity to the subsequent CC/interrupt.


There is 2 variations, one you proc it and 3 min cd for 15 seconds the other is the 20% increased duration. And crowd control to me has always been abilites that have a long duration where you aren’t able to control your character or abilities that are AOE hence CROWD control not a single target stun that lasts 4 seconds.

Is that right?


I see the problem now :face_with_monocle:

This is giving seraph with the fof cheap shot thread energy already


So since we are on crowd control, how come the trinket says increased duration of CC by 20% but my asphyxiate isnt increased by 20% nor does it give them immunity aftewards? Its a CC ability according to you experts and now we go to ORC RACIAL where it only decreases STUN but thats CC so why isnt other CC decreased?

because hardiness is specifying stuns
not crowd control
there’s a specific trinket for that effect

and your asphyxiate literally is unless it’s on an orc, which will counterbalance the trinket to regular stun duration, for stuns exclusively

op literally doesn’t know how to read words

It was my error in understanding a stun is included in CC, I don’t apologize to numenorean since they’re a redditard and they are undeserving of apologizes when someone is wrong. But doesn’t change the fact that they added a trinket that you have no way of stopping.

irony of calling someone a redditard when you type like conservative dude raging against ‘the libtards’ on Twitter

either way agreed
trinkets kinda dumb, it’s an issue

but people only really want to talk about rmx

Crap that reminds me of a jedi mind trick cooldown in battlefront. Actually a tilting mechanic.


it would be beyond tilting in this game at first, I’d imagine

Medallion = 2 Min Cd

Adapt= 1 min CD

Resolve = No CD??

prune the thing and call it a day plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


Yes. And you’ve been told twice above this comment that you’ve been wrong. You are / were wrong. It simply means abilities that prevent the afflicted from controlling their characters.

If you really thought the “crowd” was a functional part of the description you’re just lying? Or are you trying to say you only believed stuff like ring of frost, psychic scream, howl of terror, etc to be CC? Polymorph is some other, strange form of debuff.

Played this trinket for a couple matches and just didnt like the feel of it. I can barely keep track of all the things im supposed to, let alone know when this thing is active. Then by the time i get used to it and start relying on it, its next season and its removed. No thanks

You might want to read the very first pinned post in the arena forums, it’s a pretty important one: