New Horde Guilds forming - Yay

So… I saw a few news guilds on Turalyon (mostly Horde) on the forums and I want to say welcome! Also, returning resto shaman and warlock LFG…finishing 10 eastern MAX ! I need my 12 hours of sleep. Ready to faction change now.

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We have a recruiting post up, feel free to hit any one of us up in game or on Discord if you think Hordeland Security might be a good fit!

Hi!! I saw your post and the time/day are perfect…but I didn’t see that you needed a sham :slight_smile:
Discord id Jexia#0616 and BN id Akadian #1513

We’re one of the new ones on the server. Still trying to build though.

Good luck !! Tons of good peeps on this server :slight_smile:

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<3 you Jexia!

We are newish to the server as well! Always looking for more great people to enjoy WoW with! :slight_smile: Turalyon has been awesome so far!