New Forum Guidelines - Level 3 Trust

If your guild is a raiding guild -very few people would even think of looking on the forum for information on it.

First people look here.

then they look here

and find your website and information

Last time I did this it posted the imbed w/o using tags:

Yup, still works.

Actually experience tells me otherwise
They use all of the tools.
I would say 30% come from the World of Warcraft Forums
70% from Wowprogress and other sources

The use of ` to post hyperlinks as pre-formatted text is something that’s been doable since OW rolled over to the new format. It’s even included in the New Forum Guide that’s stickied at the top of this forum.

You’re good use it as you need. :slight_smile:

This can be reported as a bug in the Website Bug Report forum. It’s something Blizz is investigating.


Keep in mind the trust system is highly customizable and we’re likely going to be making changes to it. It’s something that we can tailor specifically for World of Warcraft so it’s likely to see some revisions as we get used to what we can do with it and it’s impacts on you guys.

It’s still early so keep letting us know what you guys think of it so we can continue making the forums a better experience for all of us :slight_smile:


Youtube is ok at Trust level 1 :slight_smile:
and I love Benny Hill
If you have not achieved Trust Level one then you would not be able to do that
Blizzard Forum Post - These you can post after trust level 1 - also explains the trust levels and what you can and cannot do

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Luckily, it’s 20,000 posts, not threads. I only jump in and out for a few mins a day and I’m up to 2,300 in four days.


Thank you Levfathan for providing confirmation that I am not going to forum jail
and as always Ythisens thanks for the response I appreciate both of your time.

Uhm, Mirasol, I routinely posted external links on the old forums. Check some of my old posts. This restriction on these forums is new.


You could post links but they were not clickable. You can still post links now by using the pre-formatting tags. </> symbol above the post. You can also just put “`” at each end of the link which does the same thing. Players can then copy and paste the link like they did on the old forums. The only thing different about TL3 is that the links are clickable, even if not to a trusted site like internal Blizz sites.

What is the reason Blizzard is using for not making trust level 3 account wide? Does anyone know?


:slight_smile: The best way to know you’re safe is that the </> button (which is in the tool bar above the reply text field) does the same thing as manually putting ` around your links.

So since it’s available as a feature in the UI, you know you’re safe!


We were advised to direct posters to the Website Bug Report forum for that. So it sounds like it’s something they are interested in.

Ah, thanks for the explanation. I am confused, however I could always click on my external links… are you saying others couldn’t? [headscratch]

I think you’re actually Really confused. Nobody could create clickable links to external websites - only to internal Blizzard website locations (eg. a thread on another forum here).

You could “click” on anything but it didn’t go anywhere. You had to triple-click the link, then right click to open in another tab or whatever you used to see it.

[New Forum Guidelines - Level 3 Trust]

But you can’t type in the URL of another site here (says, “Sorry you insert a link in this post” or something. Until you’re higher level.

I have just revisited one of my former posts with a link to an article about Activision’s patented mtx technology. I was able to click my link and go right to the site.

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Link that post. Your Activity is hidden so I can’t go see myself.

If you type the external link here, you get an error.

Yes, I know, this is what puzzles me. You can post external YouTube links or links to other graphics, but not other external links. Seems absurd.

Can you link to the post?