New Forum Guidelines - Level 3 Trust

I am going to separate my feedback between general discussion, topics and forum interaction and another different use for the forums which is looking for a guild and guild recruitment.

The new changes to try to create a more interactive forum community for feedback and discussion while putting in measures to detract from and limit trolling and harassment of players is to be commended. The levels of trust help minimize some of these features. I applaud the approach even if I think the levels of trust requirements are on the high side. For example, the soonest anybody would be able to have a trust level 3 would be in 2019 and in the 10 years I have been playing this game I am certain I haven’t even come close to reading 20,000 posts, but most of the ‘perks’ of that trust level will not prevent people from still participating in the conversation.

Until you get to recruitment and guild/community activities
And this is where my some of my objections come into play.
These are some examples of things I will no longer be able to do

  1. Post a recruitment thread that directs them to our guild website
  2. Post a google document on information about our community guild
  3. Share a twitch stream for a community or server wide community event
  4. Post on different characters as one is an officer in Death Jesters and another is an Officer in Zeroes to Heroes as it is my understanding to get ‘Trust Level 3’ the requirements would have to be met on both characters
  5. Post a link to a recent kill video on Youtube
  6. Edit a post that was posted and migrated to the new forums that has a link.
  7. Update a post so that people can see we are looking (could potentially fall under the spam flag) Not sure if a new post would need to be created or replying to the existing thread and how frequently would be considered spam or bumping? And if either happen - then based on the guide lines Trust Level 3 would never happen.

Now while I can make adjustments to some of those things like change the link to something like if you would just Google Death Jesters you should be able to find our guild website because we aren’t at a Trust Level 3 to be able to post links - it certainly will require more thinking outside of the box and clever use of “Forum Mechanics” to be able to do so. I haven’t tested yet, but would even websites like wowprogress be accepted? The trust levels change what information we will be able to provide and although I am sure we can still get our recruitment posts out there we will have to come up with good ways for players to be able to reach out to us besides the forums.

With the premise that general discussion and things like Guild Recruitment have different expectations and needs. Do these limitations impact a guild or player from sharing information with others? How do you envision us getting our information to the player base or a player looking for a guild to do the same. Does it help the flow of ‘new posts’ to have all the recruitment posts in the discussion posts? That is a specific topic that when I come to the forums unless I am looking for a guild or as a guild looking for a player I wouldn’t necessarily want to see in the ‘latest posts’ thread. Is it something that should be separate?

I double checked the recruitment forums to see if there was a pin explaining new guidelines and didn’t find one, sadly I missed out on an opportunity to get 1/20,000 posts read :wink:

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts and suggestions.


you can literally read 20k posts in less than 10 hours. just pick the 4k reply threads and put something on down arrow. idk how to help you if u are on phone though…


I’m almost 99% sure that level 3 is left for forum MVPs.

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I believe you can still post some links with the hyperlink option

Its a clickable link for me, some unsure if you have to ctrl paste it if you aren’t the post creator or not. Then again the old forums were ctrl paste only anyway.


^ I agree with Alvraen.

Admittedly I haven’t tried to use all the links but glad to see youtube still works :wink: Another thread however suggests that the youtube link working is a bug and will be fixed.

Incorrect. Level 3 is the highest level a player is able to reach. MVPs just are granted it by default with the common user has to read 20k posts that were posted within the last 100 days, logged into the forums 50 days of the last 100 days, visit 500 topics.

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You should be able to post links using the preformatted text option on the dashboard.

So the link comes out like this

You enclose your text with `


Thanks for your reply
That option only works with Trust level 3 unless you are an MVP, Mod etc. etc. The rest of the Warcraft Community will not be able to get to Trust Level 3 for at least 50 days so sometime in 2019. Whether you use that link button above or type in the URL you get a response that says you aren’t able to post links - unless they are ‘Blizzard Approved/Trusted Sites’

I also tested wowprogress and it must not be an approved site. 2/20,000 posts to go :slight_smile:
You can’t?

Put a tilde before and after. It’s the button to the left of the ‘1’ on your keyboard.

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~ Does this work :slight_smile:
Now I am going to guess however - sadly that it is clever use of Forum Mechanics and that it’s not supposed to work.

Yes it does. :slight_smile:

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But thank you for giving me a solution I can at least fix older posts that came over.

I believe this ` is the symbol you want to enclose a link with. No need to hold down the shift button but it is same button just left to the 1 key

Should work fine.

Here is Trust Level 3 auto-linkifying of http links -

Here is the preformatted text way (from the editing toolbar)

It’s the little </> icon Also don’t forget you can drag the tab in the middle of the top of the editing window up to make the editing window bigger

It doesn’t :slight_smile:

I can link a forum post like this NEW FORUM GUIDE - SYNTAX AND FEATURES and it works fine. If you go to that forum sticky. Level One trust level can post links to " * Create links and video embeds to trusted websites like Blizzard websites, YouTube, or Twitch" if I try to post a link like based on the same post I need to be Trust level 3 to " * Post animated gifs, images, compatible video embeds, and links to any website" and I get “Sorry, you can’t include links in your posts.”

I am a bit confused here as to why you are concerned. You could not post clickable links to any outside sites on the Blizzard forums. Trust level 3 will give you NEW abilities you did not have before (clickable outside links, animated gifs, images). They are not taking away anything you had before. Just use the formatting to post the website and people can copy paste it just like they did on the old forums. You don’t need to be trust level 3 to do most of what you wanted in your first post.


I could post links - they might not have been clickable and until one of the previous posters came up with the ~ on each side of the url~ I could not post any links at all OR edit the ones on the posts. I believe the ~ on each side is likely not intended so no I still can’t post links without that workaround. I don’t need them to be clickable just postable. The ‘work around’ solves the immediate problem - until it is fixed and until sometime in the last 24 hours I wasn’t at “Trust level One” and couldn’t post anything internal or otherwise however that is an achievable trust level.

Also there are several concerns posted there - not just links. I encourage you to take a look at some of the other ones. Including having to develop a Trust Level 3 on two different characters, what is considered spam and the overall functionality of being able to advertise for the guilds and/or a player looking for a guild. If someone comes to the forums (IE New Player) they will not be able to post their information (warcraft logs) without gaining a ‘trust level of 3’ or know about the workaround OR have to wait to get to trust level 1 to be able to post something. I am sure I could work around it with wowprogress(dot)com to but is that the kind of limitations you want to put for more of a utility post for someone who might come to the forums just for this?

You don’t need any of that extra stuff to recruit on this forum. And if your guild is such it has its own website you don’t even need to recruit on this forum anyway.

Here you go - your recruitment thread. I see none of that stuff in your opening post so I am not sure what the complaint it.

Again please see the above bullets. There are alot of things that can no longer be done. Those posts were transitioned and could not be recreated with the current trust levels and I cannot edit them without removing the link.

But are you suggesting that any guild that has a website, that has a guild in world of warcraft has no need to be posting recruitment post?

Someone looking for a team shouldn’t be able to post a wowprogress link to their LFG post?

I am curious as to the reasoning behind that. How would a website mean that you couldn’t or wouldn’t want to come here to make sure you are reaching the World of Warcraft community?