How many posts have you "read" so far?

Who says? I’m down either way. And Blizz may change it before it means anything. They already have.

Woo thanks. I’m padding my numbers better. I’m almost to 6k read from my 4k just a few minutes ago.

Because that is how software typically works when dealing with timeframes? Well, in a laymen’s terms, at least. Point of reference (in this case, a date) then extend the window a variable amount (100 days) forwards or backwards from said point (backwards).

They also said the same thing when it went live on the Overwatch forums.

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Why? It says my “joined on Nov 8”. I’d consider it to be day one. I get no bonus “days visited” for my former activity, not sure why this would be.

But, what the’ve said isn’t clear- and they haven’t decided to made it so. Otherwise we wouldn’t be having this discussion.

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edit: Nice debate, btw.

While you see it as “day 1”, what happens when you reach “day 101” then? You would have to programmatically change the starting date.

But when dealing with databases, you can do a query for between two dates. So for a very streamlined setup, you would do current_date and current_date-100 days and then do a count of days active that is returned. The 100 days is a variable that they can simply change to resize the timeframe.

As for the current prerequisites:

Sometimes you just might run across someone who has knowledge of something can enlighten yourself by questioning what they say. The seeker of knowledge is the one who asks questions.

Pretty sure “day 1” is Nov 8. The new forums don’t track activity before that date.

Edit: And for what it’s worth, the system is in flux. It’s hard to know how it’ll work when Blizz doesn’t.

Exactly, so when determining if someone has been active for 50 days in the past 100, we go back and count the days that were active and in this case, because the new forums didn’t exist, there was no activity.

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I understand your premise. I just don’t know it’s right. I’d be glad to argue that the post of a MVP doesn’t define how the system works*. We have 2 different paradigms. In mine, 100 days can’t be fulfilled until 100 days have passed. Your’s is different.

IDK, either do you. This is the real issue. Blizz doesn’t even know how it’ll work. We got so much copy/paste from the OW forum update. I loved reading about how my ability to dislike posts was being removed.

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edit" * especially because the requirement for trust levels have already been changed and edited/

1.5k posts. 96 topics.

24.5k and 600 topics.

As for the 50 days or 100 days, people on the OW forums literally kept track of each and every day and waited til they saw level 3’s start appearing.


How do you know what level someone is?

i think they should redo what constitues as “Read” in reading posts. for it to count all you gotta do is literally down the down arrow on a key board. it takes literally 2 seconds for it to register. I think they should make it 3-5 seconds to actually register the post as “Read” literally anyone can get 20k in less than 10 hours of continious scrolling/keyboard down button.

you click on their image, view activity, then you put in .json at the end of the address that shows up when you searched it.

At this point, it’s kind of pointless. We’re still waiting on people to hit level 2.

nothing is pointless dear crepe. besides, questions must be answered.

Better to spread the word so that it is common information when the question does arise later on.

posts read

oh gosh :rofl:

umm says I’m trust level 0… wtf lol. How do you even get level 1?