New fist weaver changes miss the mark

Regardless of the new changes that allow Awakened Faeline and Ancient Concordance to linger for 8 seconds, we are still confined to faeline fault because we need to reset Faeline stomp.

**please allow us a chance to reset faeline stomp for 15 seconds after leaving faeline stomp.


Remove faeline stomp from the game, as it doesn’t fit monk fantasy.

But blizzard missing the mark with monk class? Been that way since wod


Removing FLS would crush FW. Need it for quicker rsk resets and teachings uptime.

Weird it’s almost like they could design something that did something similar but actually would make sense for Monk


And you trust them to do that right now?

I believe apathy doesn’t change anything


Neither does blind faith. I’d rather they wait until they can focus on something like that when it comes to theme or aesthetics. Blizzard are not known for nailing things on the first, second, or even third sweep.

Where did I put anything that said I have blind faith?

Learn to read the words said, not what you feel I said


Because you think they can do that right now? That’s the question you responded to.

I think I would rather fart when I want to listen to an Ahole.

Don’t sit there and try to act like a victim when you started this antagonistic crap.

I think being vocal and trying to get their attention to make changes on how we actually want things is the only way.

It may have taken 7 years but they finally listened to us pvpers and gave us back the gear we actually liked.

I don’t know about others, but every monk I’ve interacted with don’t like current designs for any of the specs.
Sitting and just letting those spells stay to get “fixed” just a waste of time when it shouldn’t be there in the first place.
For a class that is meant to be a bobbing and weaving martial artist we are forced to stand still a little too much.

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Just make it player based aoe, a bit larger than ROP, throw some patterns on the floor and give it jade colored fog on the floor.


Fealine stomp looks stupid and is thematically completley out of place on monk.

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/agree. Removing it would be better.


Solid Disagreement.
Faeline has issues that need to be solved, but removing it would be a major waste of an interesting mechanic.


I hate faeline, I am disappointed to see a few monks in here pretending that fae is a good ability considering how flop of an expansion SL was.

Them adding in SL covenant abilities into the talent tree is lazy, and that is the simple truth.


Cool, I’m not sure I care about your disappointment.

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SL is objectively bad for most of the playerbase and I can say that as a bold statement because it was and IS the truth. I’m sorry u really can’t seem to comprehend of how bringing a system from the “worst expansion” is considered good in ur eyes.

Would you care to elaborate on why exactly you think it’s “ok” for blizzard to add in something from SL to begin with?

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Also good riddance to bone dust brew :+1::+1:
Now do it with fae stomp

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Try rewriting that one, preferably by reading out loud first.
I can comprehend how bringing a system from the worst expansion is good, that’s exactly my point.

Because a bad expansion doesn’t make a bad mechanic, I get you want to just wash your hands of SL but that’s not a logical argument.

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I understand where ur coming from, but having night fae abilities doesn’t sit right with me as a monk. I think a visual redesign in needed for fae stomp.

It’s just that a part of me doesn’t like this ability because of the PTSD Shadowlands gave me.


Also if we want fistweaving back, I would rather have the MoP version than the SL version… that’s just me though. :person_shrugging: