New Danuser Interview

This forum is so dead, nobody posted this interview yet, or anything about Patch 10.0.7. But luckily, I am back and can do it.

The most important one for me is the first question. One of the N’zoth’s overlooked whispers from the Uunat fight was about the same “what is to come” threat as the Jailer.

Anyway, watch the other questions, if you’re interested.


This was actually a VERY insightful interview, even if Danuser was extremely careful not to spoil the story to come. Thanks for sharing!

Now I want to see an NPC that would actually dare to call Wrathion Dull in a scene or maybe voice acted! That would be so hilarious. (IMO) :joy:

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Like that Danuser acknowledges the potential possibility that the Void Lords are not on N’Zoth’s side that the Interviewer put out.

Does that mean the Void Lords win if Ny’alotha is Re-Originated?

If the Dream known as Ny’alotha is secretly a lower level of the Emerald Dream and the source of Alternate Universes(explaining why the Timelines are converging upon Ny’alotha’s Re-Origination into the Emerald Dream) then the Void Lords benefit from N’Zoth losing as it brings all their loyal servants(Yogg-Saron, Y’Shaarj and C’Thun) to our front door!

It could be indicative that not all of the Void Lords are necessarily on the same page; the whole “chuck Old Gods into the Great Dark to corrupt a World Soul” scheme might only be something that certain particular Void Lords are actually invested in, while others might favor other approaches like trying to invade by force Dimensius-style, and others still could have entirely different avenues of securing dominance. Consequently they might not consider each other allies, and could even consider each others’ agents obstacles to their respective plans at times and assets to be exploited at others.

Perhaps notably, it’s also not been definitively proven that Xal’atath is truly an Old God, so she could potentially turn out to be part of a Void Lord agenda that isn’t in line with those who sent the Old Gods. She talks like a fellow agent of the Void, but there’s also this accompanying sense of her describing things as an informed observer when she talks about the Old Gods rather than as one herself. Even her conversation with N’zoth in BfA came across more like two acquaintances making a mutually beneficial deal rather than two allies with the same agenda cooperating toward a shared goal.


We kicked the Legion out of Azeroth, I would not mind kicking out the Void too… and starting to take the War to them or ANY Cosmic Forces who try to take our world in the future!


Which question was this stated in?

Currently at work, but can anyone highlight answers?

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Danuser annoys me, though if no one else will do it I will…

If posting the interview without summarizing answers feels lazy, I apologize.

1: What was the Jailor talking about during his death “what is to come”?

Not the only one to mention this; Firim, prophet in Zereth Mortis, N’zoth. Will surface again in the right setting. Old God relation to Void Lords to be explored if the Void is ever visited. Cosmic forces are adaptable; Void can adapt like Fel, Void Lords will adapt if need be.

2: Might we see more alternate Azeroth timelines where it is not “almost entirely the same”?

Spoilery question. Fundamental to Nozdormu percieving inevitability while others might see as only one of many possibilities.

3: Plan to go into more Infinite Dragonflight lore?

Another spoilery question. It’s been difficult to know their end goal, as not all of their objectives fit together. They will get closer to things going their way but they aren’t a monolithic entity. They believe in multiple solutions.

4: Continuation of singular story telling? No more covenant/faction/class splits?

Depends on the expansion. A conscious choice that’s made.

5: Was Krexus going to have a bigger storyline?

Wasn’t misdirection or scrapped story. Assets made ahead of time, didn’t want to reveal the Primus too soon. Picked him for loading screen because he looks cool. He fulfilled his intended purpose, embodying Maldraxxus being a place of betrayal.

6: Any answers regarding Andrestraz?

Original intent unknown since whoever made him doesn’t work for Blizzard now. Might give him a purpose at some point.

7: Where is Reno Jackson and Rafaam?

Hearthstone lore not canon, separate continuity. They like to reference Hearthstone though. Might not have same backstory between games. Mindful of confusing players about implications.

8: Any Eye Of N’zoth repercussions?

Deliberate about what N’zoth has said, Danuser wrote the newest lines for him, his specificity is important. Some lines made to think, some lead to nowhere. He shouldn’t have recognized players during the Black Empire, what does it mean? N’zoth was very clever, what’s it mean that Chronicles said he was the weakest? He’s responsible for a lot. Might’ve had possibilities tipped to him from time tampering shenanigans.

9: Any info about Etherals?

They are keen to hang around and look for opportunities. Haven’t seen the last of them, we’ll see fun and cool stuff with them when the time is right, new perspectives.

10: Story elements decided by players?

Sabellion/Wrathion alignment is flavor. Players aren’t picking who will be the leader. Might make player democracy something in the future but don’t want it to be unfair. Has to be interesting no matter the outcome, where no one gets angry about it.

11: What dragonflight would Danuser join?

Intellectually, the Bronze Dragonflight is cool, his favorite flavor. Fond of the Black Dragonflight being earthwarders, that’s cool, noble and appealing. Adventurous protectors. Calling Wrathion dull is his biggest insult.


My thoughts.

I don’t think this will be a part of Dragonflight. I’m assuming it’s the seventh force, but they might turn around to make it the Void. Sounds like they’re going to make the Void Lords variable instead of all being the same, which I figure they have to do if the Void will be an expansion setting. Saying N’zoth was talking about it feels like a retcon, I figured he was talking about the Jailer being a threat.

They’re going to change something that should happen to stop Nozdormu from turning into Murozond.

Probably going to be some Infinite Dragonflight infighting, then the good ones will reconcile with the Bronzes.

I don’t like this. I figured he knew the players due to being able to see all possibilities, and people time traveling to you is a possibility. This answer feels cheap.

I don’t like this answer neither. It doesn’t have to be a vote, but taking player feedback into account is important. The pick between them seems even among the playerbase, but if it wasn’t and Blizzard picked the person who were least liked then that’d be a problem.

We did get some answers from this interview, yet still some annoying things as usual. What I get from this is that, in the bigger picture, this is mostly just an expansion to wrap up the Infinite Dragonflight.


It didn’t feel lazy, I was just curious. So its all good.

Thanks. :slight_smile: :+1:

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N’Zoth mentions something growing hungrier and bolder as well as mentioning that the fall of night reveals night’s true face and that she will bring only ruin.

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One of the most important takeaways from this interview Yven is that not all Void whispers are true, just like they can see all possible outcomes that they accept all paths as true, not every path actually is actually true - it’s up to us to decipher the truth from the lies - we cannot assume all whispers are true.

And personally I think that’s the worst part of this whole interview. basically they said we can’t decipher the answers ahead of time they will only makes sense after they are proven true, some whispers will equal a wild goose chase, and some will be outright wrong. It’s a way for the writers to get around continuity imo.

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Flesh is his gift. He is your true creator.

Old Gods are our real parents, everyone else is trying to corrupt us.


When it comes down to it, nothing is true until it is. Not all of the whispers are true, but given the nature of the Void’s perspective, the speakers likely think they’re all true at the time they speak. In that regard the Void has it both right and wrong; there can be no absolute certainty of anything happening until it’s actually happened. All possibilities are potentially valid, but at the same time not every possibility can ultimately be borne out, and when it comes down to it most aren’t.

Just as the Light is right about there only being one future, but it’s wrong about that one future already being predetermined from among the infinite possibilities.

The cosmic forces’ respective understandings of the universe are all incomplete because none of their workings stand alone and unaffected by the others. That includes their understanding of Time.


sounds like nzoth is right again

Worth noting that the old god worshippers began hearing cosmic void whispers after N’zoth died. Could the Old Gods have been blocking out whispers from the wider void on purpose?


Indeed. N’Zoth was even blocking the Void Lord Whispers from reaching Alleria(meaning he was the one panicking over Sylvanas not the Void Lords who’d probably just think they are getting a destroyed Cosmos on a silver platter).

When most of the Old Gods are conquerors playing God with Azeroth with only one being interested in Dimensius The-All-Devouring’s idea of devouring all creation(that being Yogg-Saron) the chances of most of them being opposed to Dimensius and the other Void Lords’ Omnicidal Goals is quite high!

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Luckily, there is a character left alive who can eventually give the Old God’s perspective on the wider void, Xal’atath. Though, she seemed to hate the other Old Gods and align herself with the Void as a cosmic force, at least going off of her Legion lines.