New computer each expac

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Hi I have been a player since 2005 .When Cata came out I had to of course buy a new computer to be able to play. I noticed that each expac required a new computer that would be 7 now. I was working then now I’m retired on a pension .I can no longer afford a new computer every 2 years. I have invested so much time and money to quit wow is no longer an option. If Blizzard would either stop upping the graphics it would help some of us who don’t have huge bank accounts. If not might I suggest that maybe its time to go console. I do love the game but omg 7 computers at 700 to over a grand a pop. That’s a large chunk of income really please try console as it is a viable option. I do love the game as sometimes its my only way to get out with friends. Thank you Cher Goss-Soucy aka Myrnna.


Building a new computer every 2 years seems too frequent to me. Especially for WoW. I build a new one every 4 years and I have no issues playing at or near max settings with a 1440p display. What are you running now?


Gaming laptops>Desktops


Are you buying cheap PCs that burnout every two years? I’ve owned my current machine for more than five years, it’s still running strong, and more than meets the requirements to run WoW at a high video quality. It wasn’t cheap…about $1200…but you typically get what you pay for.


I’ve been using the Same PC since MoP with only upgrading the GPU to a GTX 1070 6bg for 300$, and adding 16gbs of Ram to my already 16 for 32 total for a 80$ upgrade, and an SSD 1TB for 100$. I still run the game like no tomorrow. This game is so old, my system is still low midtier in terms of parts and runs it at near ultra settings. If you’ve bought a PC each time an Expac has released, it sounds like you’ve been paying for laptops that can’t upgrade at all.


No way lol

Cheaper though sure but I’m on a tower from 2014 and the game runs great



If you go for an upper-mid range system (~$2500), It’s pretty realistic that it will be perfectly useable and good for at least 5-6 years.

If you’re going for a sub 1k build, 2-3 is more realistic.


Since when, the requirements to play this game are so low that you could play it upon a computer several years old. Hell my current one is about 5 years old and it still runs the game perfectly fine.


You underestimate the power and longevity of a decent gaming laptop :wink:


Can you recommend one

I’m playing on a 6 year old $700 computer with only 8g of ram and I’m fine for the most part. 40 mans get a little laggy but that’s expected.

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Computers last a very long time if you’re not buying the cheapest one you can find that meets whatever the minimum specs are.


my gaming laptop with gtx 960m from 2016 runs wow fine.

not true. unless you are going for the max settings.

instead of “having to” change computer, you will be REQUIRED to buy newc consoles, because old one will not be supported.

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Some people on these forums…


Cannnot state how strongly I disagree with this.

Much higher price up front, yes even with the GPU shortage. Shorter life overall due to non replaceable parts.

Non replaceable parts aside from storage and RAM (maybe).

Much smaller screen, by as much as 10 inches. 1440p or 4k laptops will go into the $2,000 and up territory.

The GPU is a mobile version, cut down and a lot less powerful.

If you want to play with it not plugged in you may be at a lower power profile, meaning you may not get full performance out of your components.

The only reason for this is if you actually travel a lot and need to play not at your gaming desk/ wherever you usually play.


I’m still using a PC I built in 2011 with an i7 2600k and a HDD. I did put a nvidia 970 gtx in years back to play witcher 3. Still playing WoW on it today.


Have you actually bought one since 2015?

There’s no real distinction between modern desktop and mobile GPUs. Remember the “M” series from Nvidia? That’s been dead for years.

Of course storage and RAM are replaceable. Just like a desktop, a screwdriver comes in handy.

What does screen size have to do with anything anyways? Does your desktop have a built-in 15.6" monitor? Do you not realize that you can run external monitors off a laptop, just like a desktop?

Of course not having the thing plugged into may hurt performance. Batteries aren’t infinite power, so power conservation will take place, albeit you can still get very decent performance if you’re willing to sacrifice battery life. At least you can still play the thing if it’s not plugged into power, unlike a desktop.

It’s also very nice being able to play WoW from the couch, the toilet if I want to, etc. I dualbox on a 4-year old predator just fine.

It’s stupid, the whole main point of the game was that it played on bad PCs. They didn’t need to keep increasing stuff like they did.

RTX 3070 is 37% faster desktop vs mobile. What you’re saying isn’t remotely true and you shouldn’t be telling people it is.