New Character---Pandamonium

Okay, Question: I have a LOT of alts on my account. Do I need to delete someone to be able to make and keep the Pandamonium character? Or are you expanding the number of characters or making exceptions for the Pandamonium character?

If I need to delete one or more, I need to start examining the list. Thanks.


it will probably be its own server like plunderstorm

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It is a different server but that character will be transferred onto your roster when it ends. :robot::ear:

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The article says they’ll be adding more character slots.

It DID say that when it first released. It no longer says that. So honestly I don’t know what the plans are now.

I hope we do get more character slots like they initially said.


The bigger questions, is will we :

  1. be able to move them to whichever server we want
  2. have to rename them when we move them

I was also thinking about those questions. I know how the current naming system works which is faction-character-server. There can only be one of those per. If a character being moved is the same as another char of the same faction on the server they would have to re-name.

Blizzard has released no details. I kind of hope that they are revising the whole naming system so that is not even a question. Character-Battletag would prevent any overlaps and anyone could have the charname they want. There could be 5 Robus on your server because each has a seperate Battletag. That is how it works in Diablo games for example.

No idea what they will really do though. Quite curious to find out.

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My understanding is your make them on the server you want them on after the event is over and I would guess yes you will be flag for a character rename if there is already a character with that name on that server. Although they could have it set up that you won’t be able to use a taken name right from the start (this is more likely in fact).

I have quite a few alts sitting below level 30 I haven’t gotten around to finish leveling yet, so the decision will be easy for me - reroll those lowbie alts as Timerunners and level them that way.

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My thinking is, you will log into WoW, select your realm, then choose to create a Remix character, this is where the naming limits come into play. I mean I don’t know this as fact, just how they have worded the article.

This is decent suggestion, but when we migrate our characters to retail on the realm we created them on, you’re still going to have to rename.

Me also. I updated the PTR, so, tomorrow I’ll try get on and see some basics.

I have no issues creating brand new characters for this,I have plenty of characters I can still make, but for those at the max, it’s could be quite the conundrum, especially since they took away the “extra slots” part from the article.

It would be ideal I think, to allow players to select a character of their choosing to become the new remix char, one they don’t mind re-levelling, if they are not going to give extra slots. I only have one really low level alt (18), but if I was maxed out right now, I’d happily re-level several back up to 70, I have a few 50 and a few 60 which would be great.

It’s not a different server.

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imagine reading, like, ever. they straight up said, verbatim, that you make them on whatever server you want.

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