New book mount has foreshadowing maybe?

I spy:

  • moon phases
  • seal of Lordaeron
  • triangle shadow moon + sun-star?
  • Eredar demon head?
  • illuminati triangle + kirin tor eye -blue skull
  • green fish
  • a figure that looks like a lady dancing in a black dress, maybe light vs shadow?
  • Eagle? Raven? in purple background (I think it’s an eagle in shadow?)
  • infinity symbol but vertical
  • pentagram
  • green water dragon snake (mermaid tail?)

First impression I get is Gravity Falls.

Yeah same, these two:

And curiously, who is the triangle called?


And what do the First Ones communicate by?


X Files theme plays

And the Folk and Fairy Tales wheel:


(I’m just bored and having fun, this is not a Serious Post™)

Blizzard art team: Maybe if we put some random but also very specific symbols on this book, the wow players will make up all kinds of speculation on what it means, and that should buy us time until the next expansion.

The star/sun thingy looks like the Maldraxxus sigil and I’m wondering now if it’s just a coincidence.


Where? I don’t see it.


The thingy next to the sun looks like it I think? Low Rez Lordaeron

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Huh… I thought that was some kind of sword. It’s really hard to tell.

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It does lool like a sword or more specifically an “I” absolutely not the symbol of Lordaeron.

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The seal of Lordaeron is something that would be weird to see in a Mage book. It’s more of a Paladin Libram thing


Pretty sure that’s just another rune, judging from the other runes on that page in the similar design.

I doubt the seal of Lordaeron would be included unless it’s more prominently featured, instead of being similar to the runes on the same page.

In fact, it’s the same rune beside the green bottle to the left on the second page.


more like triangle Stars in a night, and a single star .

I´m pretty sure the one person with black clouth and a moon beyond it…is a night warrior.

The moon is colorwise yellow, the persons “head”/mind" is yellow because elune kinda controlls you, if you are a night warrior.

the body is this blackish …because the power of a nightwarrior flew through you, the power of the moon/stars.

The raven and the serpent make me think of Odyn. Most of the symbols are relevant to Legion content though, which is fitting due to the mount being a mage tower reward.


The Phases of the Moon appears to be shown in relation with the Moon and Sun icons.
There are three rune groupings above the Moon phases
But what’s more interesting is what seams to be a smaller moon besides the larger, which the smaller has what appears to a person-like shape


If it’s foreshadowing anything, it’s the flood of salt from players complaining that they do not have the time to level and gear enough Alts to do the achievement that earns this Mount.


that Illuminati eye the middle is in the same color as the Darkmoon Faire and does like of look similar to the Darkmoon Flag. I think it may be hinting at the Old Gods as we know they are the beings speculatively behind the Faire itself.

Maybe. Silas Darkmoon seems to be a somewhat “dark” character, not exactly evil but still seeped in darkness. I don’t doubt that there is a connection but I wouldn’t go as far as to say that the Old Gods themselves are behind it.

I wouldn’t put it past them to have the Darkmoon Faire taking center stage in the Void Vs Light story, showing that Light isn’t all good and the Void isn’t all evil.

These are all just generic fictional esoteric symbols. I know that because of the green fish, I feel like it’s supposed to be a nod to the esoteric green lion. There’s a tirforce (lol) the moon phases are not even in order. 100% gibberish.

This makes me more mad than anything because through out this whole game the Kirin Tor have been hinted at having this secret knowledge. There’s lost books only referenced by fellow mages, which is supposed to be too smart for us… and then they release stuff like this which is actually just esoteric gibberish, it makes me wonder if they actually have any knowledge at all about secret esoteric teachings… probably not and that makes me so dissapointed in the game.

I will probably still farm this mount because my mage would look cool riding it but I’m not holding my breath anymore that there’s any deeper meaning to things.


I wonder why they excluded the Full Moon.
Or why most of the phases are moving in reverse.

Khadgar inbound would be by prediction…we already seen a “mysterious” raven in Oribos…and people have speculated that it was Khadgar.

Don’t you know? Most of the wisest mages are completely mad, with deranged scribbling in incomprehensible script and cryptic pictograms.