New Battle pet from Twitch

New battle pet called the Fathom is coming out March 22nd though Twitch…


Interesting. It appears to be a recolor of the Plunderstorm pet reward, Glamrok. But without participating in that horrid thing.


Heh, funny, I was just saying to myself last night, and I know it was me because it was my voice and I was holding my coffee cup, we are about due for a Twitch drop.

I love it, it sort of reminds me of that crab from Moana being all blinged out with ‘humanoid shinies’.

Yeah, this new event is not my cup of tea. I did three matches and have a miniscule amount of renown towards rank 2 and found no enjoyment in the activity. I really hope I end up liking it for some strange reason so I can get the rewards, but grinding till 40 seems crazy. Trying to read the tooltips of the abilities while getting annihilated is not my idea of fun. I’d rather a calm place to explore than a death match. (I am aware I am allowed to not like a part of a game and therefore not collect those rewards, such as ranked PVP, but I thought this was supposed to be a “fun for everyone” release.) Maybe someone will release a guide on how to grind it out faster and be done with it lol.


Thats the worst part of this, blizzard putting pets and mounts and mogs behind this stupid event. If they didnt then i would be free to ignore this garbage, but because i am a pet collector i am forced to either make a highly undesirable choice of not doing it and forvever missing out on not one but THREE pets, or forcing myself to grind and play something i despise so i dont miss out.

Every bit of good blizzard did towards collecting and respecting players time in DF has been not only undone, but completely and utterly nuked in to the ground.

Right now to say i am angry is a huge understatement. :triumph:


I agree. It seems like such a weird choice for people who play WoW. It’s one thing to make a cross promotion and have people try something out by doing a tutorial for a reward, but to create something that you have to grind that may not be enjoyable for a large number of players seems odd.

Sometimes I am quick to make judgements on new things I’m not used to, so I am trying to remain hopeful that I will find some enjoyment or at least be able to move forward with the renown without being very good at it. I will give it another go at some point, but I’m not sure it will change.

This might be better suited as a rotating PVP brawl. I was thinking I may be more interested if I could move at a slower pace and explore in a non-PVP mode (although that defeats the purpose of the game), but I’m still not sure I’m sold on the rest of the format yet.

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Yeah I am not a happy camper either now…this is not my scope of what wow pvp is suppose to be now…its just crap to me…but like many I want those pets and mounts and the Pepe outfit…yes there is a new outfit for Pepe to get.


Yeah, I don’t know if I can do it. I just did a match and got to 5th place hiding out on the outskirts like the scrawny Hunger Games competitors. Once we converged to the center, I got wrecked by the other four people who had collected a bunch of epic powers. Like, come on. I don’t play games like this, so I’m at a disadvantage already. Meanwhile, got to 5th place and I’m still only halfway to renown 2 after 4 matches. Two other matches I was in the middle of the pack. the only way to do keybinds is while you’re running around in the game. Quests make no sense whatsoever. It’s an interesting concept but I don’t think it’s the right outlet or audience.


Hahaha I do the same thing…finally pushed to the center cause of the storm but I made it too #3 still alive…

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I appreciate the comments here, they confirm my early suspicion that Plunderstorm wasn’t going to be my sort of thing. Now I’ve been saved from even wasting time to try it out.

Both the General Discussion and the new Plunderstorm forums seem to feel mostly the same way as we do, this Fortnite-style PVP stuff kind of sucks for WoW players.


I tried a round, lasted 20 seconds, gathered a whopping 13 plunder points or whatever they’re calling that Light-forsaken renown currency, and thoroughly failed to enjoy the experience.

At this rate, I wouldn’t get enough renown to get any of the collectibles I want before either the event ran out or I lost my mind.

I therefore conclude that those mogs, pets, and mounts are not intended for me.


As a pet battler, these aquatic pets are important to me, but I don’t have time to complete these boring competitions. 30 Renown is out of reach for me, and I hope they won’t go out of print after the event ends.

These little guys are outstanding in Aquatic, making them unobtainable is like a crime.


Maybe the next reveal will be a limited-time event in which high-end PvP gear can be acquired by defeating a grindy series of legendary pet battles? I imagine the PvPers would love the change and variety and not at all feel like they were being forced to do something they don’t like.


HaH they wouldn’t make it past lvl 1 …haha not past some of us that pet battle …


good news everyone! to get all 3 pets you ONLY have to grind to level 30! :O)


I will give appropriate credit where credit is due.

The devs have finally completed cured me of FOMO. These were rewards I felt I really wanted, but understanding that they are utterly unattainable has completely relieved me of any emotional attachment to them, and lessened the pull of other grind-gated desires.

Is this what enlightenment feels like?


Me too, but sadly not completely.

I once had the aim of collecting all pets that were currently available in the game. I didn’t aspire to collect pets that had been removed, shop pets, pets from external promotions and so on, but I did have a clear target of getting every pet from the game itself.

Then came Bucketshell/Sir Snips. That was a hard blow. If I played for 20 more years, maybe it would be possible, but I don’t have 20 years left. And, like the 5K PvP wins achievement, even if it was possible, I wasn’t going to put myself through that.

So that broke my will.

But not entirely.

I am angry at the cynical manipulation in these rewards, but I am still tempted to try.


I am busting my butt over and over to get renowned…almost to lvl 6 which gives me the Happy fish pet…I’ll just keep going in and in and in till I pass out I guess or have another stroke…


I did a few more matches today, figured out how to rez a guy to get credit for the quest so I got some renown. I tried to focus on the quests each match thanks to more info being provided by other players, but there are still people who want to kill ASAP if you’re in an unlucky spot or they take all the quest objectives.

I think a PVE version could be interesting for those of us who would like that. Maybe not only do the walls close in but the mobs get harder at the center or some way to increase difficulty. Then people can do their quests in peace and last a bit longer and maybe even help each other. I also wish your health went to 100% when you level like in retail. I don’t hate PVP altogether, but this particular fight style is not fun for me against other players.

Also this takes people away from retail and if I have too many friends online to queue together all at once, we will just do mythic plus instead. It is kind of lame to not have a party out collecting stuff together having fun as a larger group, even if it is PVP. Every man for himself doesn’t feel like a way to rally players back to an MMORPG at a low point in participation.

Edit: also some increased plunder sources announced, but more from PVPing…

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