New allied neutral race idea; Dalaran half elves

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Second war lore;

During the [Second War](, Dalaran pledged to support the [Alliance of Lordaeron]( and gave large amounts of aid, magi and sorcerers to the war effort. It was home to the four towers, sanctum to the lands' greatest sorcerers.[[19]]( During the conflict some of its citizens were captured by [Alterac]([[20]]( and the city itself was attacked by the [Horde]( at some point,[[21]]( and so the wizards had to focus their magics in a device known as the [Eye of Dalaran]( in order to rebuild it to its former glory.[[22]]( Some fallen spires were as such raised back.[[23]](

Though the [Dark Portal]( was destroyed, in the aftermath of the Second War the Kirin Tor noticed that a rift remained that connected [Azeroth]( and [Draenor]( together, and so they build up the [Nethergarde Keep]( with the help of the other nations of the Alliance in order to watch over the rift.[[24]]( After the war, [Teron Gorefiend]( and his [death knights](, aided by [Deathwing](, were able to successfully enter the [Arcane Vault]( located in the city of Dalaran and steal the [Eye of Dalaran]( from it.[[22]]([[25]]( Deathwing was aware of the danger Dalaran represented for his disguise and hoped that he could sow distrust among the wizards and toward the other Alliance members. His plans were ultimately thwarted following the [Battle of Grim Batol]( which forced Deathwing into hiding, causing [Daval Prestor]( to mysteriously vanish from the royal court of Lordaeron.[[26]](

The Kirin Tor also developed an interest in the defeated orcs' strange lethargy. Although Dalaran remained loyal to the fractured Alliance in the war's aftermath, it was noted for being politically aloof and secretive - magi of the Kirin Tor did not get involved in "ordinary" politics, and outsiders were rarely welcome in Dalaran, even visiting royalty.[[27]](

Third war lore;

### Third War

[![WC3RoC-logo.png|32x17](]( **This section concerns content related to *[Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos](* or its expansion *[The Frozen Throne](*.**


Dalaran as seen in *Warcraft III*

Dalaran was the home of an incredibly large library of books and tomes, in addition to many of the greatest sorcerers of the day including [Antonidas](, [Khadgar](, [Jaina Proudmoore](, [Arugal]( and [Kel'Thuzad]( It was also the site of the vault where the staff of Medivh, [Atiesh](,_Greatstaff_of_the_Guardian), was kept after the master mage's death. At this time, most contemporary [human]( and [high elven]( mages bowed to the sovereignty of Dalaran and the [Kirin Tor]([[28]](

Tutored in the Halls of Magic at the mystical city of Dalaran, [sorceresses]( and [priests]( diligently study their mysterious arts within the depths of the [arcane sanctum]([[29]](

When the [Third War]( began, some of the aspiring geniuses of the magocracy were allured by the dark arts and forsook their very souls, becoming [necromancers]( in service to the [Scourge]([[30]]( When King [Terenas Menethil II]( was killed by [Arthas]( and [Capital City]( fell, magi from Dalaran went to the ruined [kingdom of Lordaeron]( along with other Alliance soldiers to deal with the rampaging undead army, but soon found themselves overwhelmed.[[31]]( Powerless, Antonidas instructed Jaina Proudmoore to take a number of citizens and flee to [Kalimdor]([[*citation needed*]](

When the Scourge directed itself on the violet city, the majority of the civilians were evacuated, leaving only a small but powerful resistance.[[32]]( The [arcanic defenses]( and the magical guilds in the city tried to defend it but they, alongside the powerful Archmage Antonidas, fell to Arthas in battle shortly after. Arthas acquired the [spellbook of Medivh](, which [Kel'Thuzad]( utilized to summon [Archimonde](, who destroyed the city in merely seconds. The great demon single-handedly laid waste to the city by creating a magical effigy out of the dust, which he then crushed; the mighty towers of Dalaran fell simultaneously. People died trapped under the rubble of the fallen city, unable to be reached in time by their comrades.[[23]]( The city remained only partially under the control of the Kirin Tor,[[33]]( and its remnants went to chaos, with [mutants](, [experimental rejects](, [renegade wizards]( and [berserk water elementals]( roaming the streets.[[34]](

Soon after the defeat of the [Burning Legion]( atop [Mount Hyjal]( and as parts of the city were contested by the [Scourge]( and later by [Illidan Stormrage]('s [naga]( forces,[[35]]([[36]]( human efforts began to rebuilt the ruined city[[37]]( as Dalaran's ruins were taken over by [Grand Marshal Garithos]( and the [Alliance Remnants](, who were battling the Scourge in Lordaeron. Parts of the city were still infested by the undead but also its tunnels and dungeons under it.[[38]]( Prince [Kael'thas Sunstrider]( and his brethren had also arrived to join forces with Garithos, but his animosity toward the elves led to the prince and his army being detained in Dalaran's dungeons and sentenced to mass execution. With effort, they escaped to [Outland](, leaving Dalaran behind them. What power the surviving Kirin Tor members had in Dalaran around this period remains vague, although some (such as [Modera]( and [Ansirem Runeweaver]( are believed to have been present.[[15]](

Following the death of Grand Marshal Garithos at [Capital City](, the remaining human [refugees]( and [paladins]( still surviving in [Tirisfal Glades]( started retreating to Dalaran. Many of them were intercepted by the Scourge and slain.[[39]](

At some point, the pets of [Hakkar the Houndmaster]( fought and killed a lot of Dalaran wizards.[[40]]( It could have happened when the city was still infested by demons.

Isn’t Half Elves already on Void Elves?

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