New allied neutral race idea; Dalaran half elves

Eh Blizzards silhouette excuse is nonsense and everyone knows it.

That said it might be another topic. Depends how they implemented. It could be used to give a type of the thing you’re asking for. Especially with a half race concept. (whether thats half elves or half orc half draenei or something else.)

Either way just in general I support the concept of more body models. :stuck_out_tongue:

Wrath was a few years ago and its been a few years since Legion. Assuming like I proposed that its still used as a hub of sorts when not in the story I think its still viable.

I do think the population of half elves would be more of course, but that doesn’t mean half breeds of other races wouldn’t go to a city that is more forgiving of such.

Just a consideration though.

So it would be Dalaran for things like Half elf half human, Burning Blade for Half Orc Half Draenei?

Could be neat.

I’d still prefer a wider system. For instance the Darkspear and Orcs have been together so long I cannot imagine there hasn’t been some mixing.

And a wider system would have far more use overall.

I actually have a character who is supposedly half night elf half draenei. That would be cool as well.

Mok’nathal had better be included in this concept somewhere! lol.

If you have it you should find a link to the concept from the Ashes of Tulnar website or something. Put it in the main post so folk know what that is.

I know what it is but I don’t know if its popular knowledge.

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They already have that with void elves funnily. And that’s not my aim here.

Again, this is not entirely true, Vereesa’s kids has more human features, and some dragons use half elf appearances to show there is more variety between the 2. Using Tulnar concepts we can get a good marraige if it’s done well.

Not really, they have their differences, humans are more sturdier built, shorter and have different porportions then blood/high/void elves. They also have some skin tones the other does not.

I do not beleive you know genetics.

Actually it depends if the DNA is an alpha or not what they inherit. Some kids has traits of both parents while others only have traits of one parent, but also one of their ancestors.

Well, it had been depicted in artwork high/blood elves is capable of growing wizened beards though.

not for my arguement but it’s nothing special between the races.

There is no unique model for half elves in the game.

Which is justified with the concept I’m asking to be used.

We only have one mok’nathal with a unique rig. One. I do not think they will all look like rexxar.

Dalaran is neutral, by their very law. the high elves that is in dalaran isn’t all the sudden going to pick sides because you demand them to. It would be different if we are talking about the ones that is not apart of dalaran, but this subject is on dalaran, and dalaran alone.

again this request isn’t for that, your the one being rude and forcing your narrative on it since you failed to read the OP.

Fair enough.

yup, and on the flip side one could more easier RP as members of said factions as well, with lore backing them up.

Sounds fair. Maybe they can come with a clan or tribe with that in mind for more concrete story to rp with.


Actually I take it back, I’ll post it in OP.

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I am going to take a page out of Fen’s playbook and add in snippits of lore here and there to talk about dalaran’s role and why hopefully be actually playable in the future;

Let’s start with the founding of Dalaran.

Did you know that dalaran was actually founded during the arathorian empire? More exactly during it’s decline. The reason for it’s founding is because the mages that resided in strom felt to constrained there to truely practice and study the arcane arts of their studies. So they went to the endge of strom’s orginal borders to build the violet hold, and then eventually a city. According to Jaina, some of the original builders was the elves that tought the humans magic themselves and during the time of wc3 was still alive and well.

Another reason for it’s location is simply because it was a convenient spot for them to build the city there, directly on top of a ley line where they can draw upon to practice their arts!

Today let’s start talking about the order of Tirisfal and the Korin Tor was founded;

As their numbers and influence grew, more and more magi practiced their arts, the fabric of reality around Dalaran began to weaken and tear, allowing demons into the world. These invaders caused havoc in the streets and countryside of Dalaran, despite the efforts of the Magocrats, the ruling archmagi, to deal with the problem. Fearing revolt and military action from Strom, the rulers of Dalaran turned to the high elves. The elves were able to determine that the daemons which had been summoned could be dealt with, but a more permanent solution was needed. The Magocrats entered into a deal with the Convocation of Silvermoon, and the Order of Tirisfal was founded.

It would form a secret defense for the world, with a Spearhead as their main acting weapon. The elven lords decided to reveal them the history of ancient Kalimdor and the Legion. At the same time, the Magocrats sent some of their number to research and catalog all human magic. These wizards would eventually become the Kirin Tor, a specialized organization that was charged with cataloging and researching every spell, artifact, and magic item known at the time. The Council of Six became the rulers of the Kirin Tor, and eventually replaced the Magocrats at the head of Dalaran.

Today we will discuss Alodi;

He was an half elf (in game he uses a human model unfortunately) that was abandoned by his parents in a school at dalaran and was left with ebonchill. He was a mage that managed to learn frost magic at the concern of the orphanage headmaster. He was also the creator of the forge of the guardian allowing guardian’s or tirifal to pass on their powers from generation to generation of gaurdians until Aegwynn became gaurdian, whom refused to retrun her power.

In game he helped mages resserect the organization within the guardians of tirifal named tirisgarde, guided khadgar to the broken isles in search of the pillars of creation, and guides the player to find ebonchill.

The next allied neutral race,

  1. Naga
  2. Eredar
  3. San’lyn

Today we will discuss further Dalaran lore copied from wowwiki;

Dalaran's prosperity eventually made it inundated by reckless spellcasters. Their abuse of magic inadvertently tore open rifts in reality. Through one such rift, [Kathra'natir]( clawed his way into Azeroth. The demon found Dalaran ripe for upheaval. Many of the city's non-magic users were superstitious, and they viewed spellcasters with thinly-veiled unease. Kathra'natir used [Apocalypse]( to inflame these fears. He tainted Dalaran's water supplies and food stores. Gruesome plagues ravaged the city, which the common fold believed had originated from the magi. The Council of Tirisfal tried to defeat the demon but lost their Spearhead, [Aertin Brighthand]( Eventually, [Meryl Winterstorm]( and Alodi came up with the idea of the [Guardian]( As such, Guardian Alodi banished the dreadlord and saved [Tirisfal Glades]( and Dalaran from destroying themselves.[[13]]([[8]](

Dalaran established a friendship with [Silvermoon](, which while tested, would stand for over two thousand years to come.[[14]]([[15]]( Although predominantly a human city, some elves, including their own crown prince [Kael'thas Sunstrider](, would study, live, and even [rule]( in Dalaran at one point or another. According to [Jaina Proudmoore](, some of these elves were among those who had taught humans magic to begin with.[[16]]( Some gnomes, dwarves, and even goblins would also come to reside in Dalaran.

HALF ELVES, wonderful so we talking half night elf? because i can tell you this blood elves are extremly racist and is a disgrace to be with someone not of your caste or race in elven society sylvanas had to hide her relationship. of the half elves we know of like alodi he was left at an orphanage but than we have aleria’s son and vereesa’s both not in silvermoon. however if as you say their in dalaran that be the only place id see them and even there it be rare .

Ya’ll really need to consider things like Half Elf Half Orc. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Keep tuned, the Half dreanei/orc thread will be made wensday about the burning blade clan.

Your post is a hard read. But I will answer to the best of my ability.

I am talking about half thallasian and half humans in this thread, mostly because it would be best to represent dalaran entirely since it’s history is of both of those races. If you ready OP you would see I am offering as customization a choice of either race to be pronounced more of less of on the models so that players can rp closer to humans, elves or both on their dalaran toon. As for population wise, we are not 100% certain if it’s common or not that humans and elves have children with each other, but the likelihood of it happening is highest in dalaran. The ones that is produced normally have higher potential then both races.

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Now that will be interesting to see.

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I have some reading to do on them. I only know alittle of the base lore of them admittingly (what is shown through quests) what I do know is the npc you interact with is a half orc/dreanei. I am unsure to label them neutral because of him or horde, so read I must do.

Some more lore;

Dalaran established a friendship with [Silvermoon](, which while tested, would stand for over two thousand years to come.[[14]]([[15]]( Although predominantly a human city, some elves, including their own crown prince [Kael'thas Sunstrider](, would study, live, and even [rule]( in Dalaran at one point or another. According to [Jaina Proudmoore](, some of these elves were among those who had taught humans magic to begin with.[[16]]( Some gnomes, dwarves, and even goblins would also come to reside in Dalaran.

Approximately five hundred years prior to the opening of the [Dark Portal](, the [black dragon]( [Sintharia](, former prime consort of [Deathwing](, attempted to bring down the Kirin Tor with a curse that left all the wizards in the city unable to use their magic. Her scheme was foiled in part by [Korialstrasz](, consort to [Alexstrasza](, and when Sintharia was defeated, most believed her to be dead when her own magic had been turned on her.[[17]](

The Kirin Tor mages and leadership took interest in [Medivh](, the Guardian, and around the time of the [First War](, they sent [Khadgar]( to Karazhan to act as his apprentice. Several mages asked Khadgar to learn various details regarding the tower or the Guardian. Among them was [Guzbah](, who studied demon lore. He was the first victim of strange demon killings across the Eastern Kingdoms.[[18]](

Hmmm… I did not know Sintheria had made an attack on Dal till now lol. Thinking on it, I wonder if there is still blue dragons also that might still have malygos’s mindset and could possibly attack dalaran with such curses also still. The blue dragonflight had remained silent for quite awhile except for Kalecgos, which btw is apart of the korin tor council.

This would suit dalaran to be a playable faction since if rumors is true is a dragon expac and they have a dragon in the korin tor’s ranks.

No,but thanks op I think i’ll stay human.

time for more lore!

Second war lore;

During the [Second War](, Dalaran pledged to support the [Alliance of Lordaeron]( and gave large amounts of aid, magi and sorcerers to the war effort. It was home to the four towers, sanctum to the lands' greatest sorcerers.[[19]]( During the conflict some of its citizens were captured by [Alterac]([[20]]( and the city itself was attacked by the [Horde]( at some point,[[21]]( and so the wizards had to focus their magics in a device known as the [Eye of Dalaran]( in order to rebuild it to its former glory.[[22]]( Some fallen spires were as such raised back.[[23]](

Though the [Dark Portal]( was destroyed, in the aftermath of the Second War the Kirin Tor noticed that a rift remained that connected [Azeroth]( and [Draenor]( together, and so they build up the [Nethergarde Keep]( with the help of the other nations of the Alliance in order to watch over the rift.[[24]]( After the war, [Teron Gorefiend]( and his [death knights](, aided by [Deathwing](, were able to successfully enter the [Arcane Vault]( located in the city of Dalaran and steal the [Eye of Dalaran]( from it.[[22]]([[25]]( Deathwing was aware of the danger Dalaran represented for his disguise and hoped that he could sow distrust among the wizards and toward the other Alliance members. His plans were ultimately thwarted following the [Battle of Grim Batol]( which forced Deathwing into hiding, causing [Daval Prestor]( to mysteriously vanish from the royal court of Lordaeron.[[26]](

The Kirin Tor also developed an interest in the defeated orcs' strange lethargy. Although Dalaran remained loyal to the fractured Alliance in the war's aftermath, it was noted for being politically aloof and secretive - magi of the Kirin Tor did not get involved in "ordinary" politics, and outsiders were rarely welcome in Dalaran, even visiting royalty.[[27]](

Third war lore;

### Third War

[![WC3RoC-logo.png|32x17](]( **This section concerns content related to *[Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos](* or its expansion *[The Frozen Throne](*.**


Dalaran as seen in *Warcraft III*

Dalaran was the home of an incredibly large library of books and tomes, in addition to many of the greatest sorcerers of the day including [Antonidas](, [Khadgar](, [Jaina Proudmoore](, [Arugal]( and [Kel'Thuzad]( It was also the site of the vault where the staff of Medivh, [Atiesh](,_Greatstaff_of_the_Guardian), was kept after the master mage's death. At this time, most contemporary [human]( and [high elven]( mages bowed to the sovereignty of Dalaran and the [Kirin Tor]([[28]](

Tutored in the Halls of Magic at the mystical city of Dalaran, [sorceresses]( and [priests]( diligently study their mysterious arts within the depths of the [arcane sanctum]([[29]](

When the [Third War]( began, some of the aspiring geniuses of the magocracy were allured by the dark arts and forsook their very souls, becoming [necromancers]( in service to the [Scourge]([[30]]( When King [Terenas Menethil II]( was killed by [Arthas]( and [Capital City]( fell, magi from Dalaran went to the ruined [kingdom of Lordaeron]( along with other Alliance soldiers to deal with the rampaging undead army, but soon found themselves overwhelmed.[[31]]( Powerless, Antonidas instructed Jaina Proudmoore to take a number of citizens and flee to [Kalimdor]([[*citation needed*]](

When the Scourge directed itself on the violet city, the majority of the civilians were evacuated, leaving only a small but powerful resistance.[[32]]( The [arcanic defenses]( and the magical guilds in the city tried to defend it but they, alongside the powerful Archmage Antonidas, fell to Arthas in battle shortly after. Arthas acquired the [spellbook of Medivh](, which [Kel'Thuzad]( utilized to summon [Archimonde](, who destroyed the city in merely seconds. The great demon single-handedly laid waste to the city by creating a magical effigy out of the dust, which he then crushed; the mighty towers of Dalaran fell simultaneously. People died trapped under the rubble of the fallen city, unable to be reached in time by their comrades.[[23]]( The city remained only partially under the control of the Kirin Tor,[[33]]( and its remnants went to chaos, with [mutants](, [experimental rejects](, [renegade wizards]( and [berserk water elementals]( roaming the streets.[[34]](

Soon after the defeat of the [Burning Legion]( atop [Mount Hyjal]( and as parts of the city were contested by the [Scourge]( and later by [Illidan Stormrage]('s [naga]( forces,[[35]]([[36]]( human efforts began to rebuilt the ruined city[[37]]( as Dalaran's ruins were taken over by [Grand Marshal Garithos]( and the [Alliance Remnants](, who were battling the Scourge in Lordaeron. Parts of the city were still infested by the undead but also its tunnels and dungeons under it.[[38]]( Prince [Kael'thas Sunstrider]( and his brethren had also arrived to join forces with Garithos, but his animosity toward the elves led to the prince and his army being detained in Dalaran's dungeons and sentenced to mass execution. With effort, they escaped to [Outland](, leaving Dalaran behind them. What power the surviving Kirin Tor members had in Dalaran around this period remains vague, although some (such as [Modera]( and [Ansirem Runeweaver]( are believed to have been present.[[15]](

Following the death of Grand Marshal Garithos at [Capital City](, the remaining human [refugees]( and [paladins]( still surviving in [Tirisfal Glades]( started retreating to Dalaran. Many of them were intercepted by the Scourge and slain.[[39]](

At some point, the pets of [Hakkar the Houndmaster]( fought and killed a lot of Dalaran wizards.[[40]]( It could have happened when the city was still infested by demons.

Isn’t Half Elves already on Void Elves?

Yes and no, human needs pointy ears to!

I think this should be an alliance only race seeing how high elves are getting bred out of existance for them.

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It seems like the cc is talking about allied races, so i thought i would toss a link here.

(Noticed it on other AR threads)