Nevermind Blizzard

Just give us original drums back. In fact can we just go back to #nochanges. Boosts, store mounts, making drums even more annoying to use while still being mandatory for parsing.



technically boost are not a change to TBC…
WoW yes. But not TBC :stuck_out_tongue:

hehe are we done laughing at those of us who have maintained no changes? :stuck_out_tongue:


You do realize that this proposed “change” is in fact, “No-changes” in actuality, right? They’re releasing drums in their original state and then later on (around the time drums changed in original TBC) they’re releasing an updated version that functions exactly like those later drums.

The reason for this is because they don’t want the item to have to go through a change in the data (probably so they don’t have to patch it in at the phase change). Try reading the entirety of the Blue post and you’ll recognize they’re clinging to a “No-changes” philosophy, for some unknown reason.

“No-changes” is still negatively affecting us to this day.

So that the behavior of the original items doesn’t have to change.



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This, i thought Classic would be a return to the old days of fun.

Instead we see servers full of boosting, gold buying and world buff stacking to cheese content.

Oh yes im aware that this happened in Vanilla and still does but not to the extend it does now days.

We know that 90% of guilds will require players to be L.W for drums, because the “world race” is more important that being gatekeeped behind having to do kara for 3 weeks instead of 1.

If the community cant be trusted to promote healthy game play, then Blizzard needs to step in and switch the tracks before this train wreck happens.


I know that during WoW Classic some guilds required engineering, required priests to be dwarves, and even required level 20 summoning warlock alts.

Even though a lot of average guild/raid groups just follow the requirements of higher performing groups, I don’t think the numbers are anywhere near 90%.

You can also just form your own raid group(s) with whatever requirements (or lack thereof) you’d like.

I think it definitely can be.

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That will be decided before you finish your lunch break on the day it opens. No need to even have any professions. Someone will have won this race before most of us even begin.

And yet somehow we never saw ridiculous requests like “make sappers not require engi” like we’re seeing now with the drums.

Hey! I know you! :smiley:

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