Nerf Warlocks in PvP


If this wasn’t classic and supposed to stay true to what classic was, there isnt gonna be any class tuning. Only thing will be bug fixes that aren’t intended


Because i am playing on EU Server and created this level 10 character on a US Server just to post here.


Sure buddy “bug fixes” you keep believing that every time they trot that excuse out.


They are literally fixing the warrior shout bug thats generating to much threat.

What else would it be?

Come on, think a little bit buddy. I know it’s tough, but I believe in you!


What bug buddy? I don’t see any blue posts saying its a bug on the Blizz tracker.


Go look in classic bug forums, its one of the top posts.


just in case you cant find it for some reason




WiLl Of tHe fOrSaKeN
isnt that why you rolled ud?


Blue poster nowhere calls that a bug. People complained on the forums and Blizzard is rebalancing a class. What they always do. Thanks for the confirmation!


Wow you’re dull.

It’s a bug because it’s not how it was in vanilla.

Do you think before you speak?


Nowhere in the Blizzard post does it say its a bug because it wasn’t in Vanilla. Wishful thinking.


He is talking about playing a hunter i believe on the EU


Isn’t PvP trinket specific to a particular CC removal. Some classes don’t have stun removal. Or is that what you mean by some classes can’t get out?


Nice nerf class X because of Y are starting to pop up now.

Grabs popcorn.


Woosh to all the people who took a big bite out of this fresh troll meat.


Yes but most of them get you out of stuns. Iirc only mages and hunters don’t but mages have blink for them so… it’s sort of everyone


The problem is what…


Or perhaps the possibly most powerful OP spec ever, TBC resto druid. They could 1 v 3-4 ppl at once.




Fear sometimes not breaking until you die is, in fact, classic fear behavior.