Nerf Paladins

Class design in Vanilla is terrible SOD is here to fix that and give new builds. Paladin needs a movement utility like Divine steed.

Pursuit of justice isn’t good in Vanilla it’s only 8%. It needs to be more. Or stackable with other movement.

If a paladin never gets on a target, can’t heal and is OOM. They aren’t very good. That’s why they need some more utility from other expansions in SOD. They also need to release mail spell power gear.

I actually am but I’m not here for Vanilla gameplay. I’m here for a new version of WoW in SOD where they deliver new builds and take some fun abilities from various expansions.

I’m actually here for Glad Stance warrior from WoD which is coming in a latter phase. Until then I’ll just play something else besides War/Pally cause they aren’t good in this phase.

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no use in using facts here, people just wanna throw tantrums.


And in TBC, the bug was fixed early as well.

They are saying its a bug yes, but the ability itself to begin with always had a daze.

Avenger’s Shield - Spell - WotLK Classic (


See above, was not fixed at all in wrath even. Not to quote an ahole, but the facts don’t care about your feelings.

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It wasn’t considered a mob daze, and you could trinket/shift out of it in wrath. They fixed that very early in original TBC.

Has nothing to do with my feelings, but maybe you should keep your feelings in check when responding to forum threads.

“Hurls a holy shield at the enemy, dealing (440 + 0.07 * Spell power + 0.07 * Attack power) to (536 + 0.07 * Spell power + 0.07 * Attack power) Holy damage, Dazing them and then jumping to additional nearby enemies. Affects 3 total targets. Lasts 10 sec.”

Weird I don’t see anything that says it doesn’t effect players.

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The issue was it couldn’t be shifted by druids or removed by trinkets which is now fixed.

It was a bug and not intended.

Stay mad paladin noobs.


Patch 2.0.10 (2007-03-06): The slowing affect from Avenger’s Shield is now considered a snare, so snare removal and immunity affects will now work on it.


Got an actual link?

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I can’t post links. Look on wowpedia.

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You are right it was fixed as a snare. I will admit I am wrong on this. Thank you.


How about we come to an agreement? You can nerf ret paladins as much as you want. We promise we won’t miss them since 98% of them are mouth breathers.


Crusader strike divine storm go brrrrrrrrrrrr

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I think it’s funny. You like to put a certain speck of people into a category Because every single person that plays a ret If paladin must be a stupid person for some weird reason.

Just because they like a playstyle doesn’t mean that shouldn’t exist me. Personally I hate seal twisting That doesn’t mean I don’t think it shouldn’t exist. I just don’t want to have to do it.

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Any time Paladins are even slightly above average; people want to bash their heads on the wall and scream nerf. Idk what it is. I don’t really see it for any other class the way I see it with paladin. These people aren’t satisfied unless the class is nothing but a buff bot.

On the other side of the equation, you have hunters afking while their pets mow down people in BGs, and this is okay. You kinda see the opposite with hunters that you see with paladins. If they are ever not a complete faceroll class, then people cry out that blizzard hates hunters and ya’ll have even made a meme out of the hunter “nerfs” here. Yes because its not enough that pets can solo players, they should totally still be able to one shot them with lightning breath/scorpid poison/explosive shot. Reverse the nerfs blizz!!

Meanwhile we have priests being practical WoW demi-gods in PVP and this is okay because paladins haven’t been made a meme class again yet so lets just focus on that before anything else.

Like poor frost mages man, and all the other specs down at the bottom of the charts. Ya’ll are basically saints in all this. Imagine a frost mage or boomy seeing one of the thousands of hunters on this forum cry about the fact that they only deal 40% more damage than everyone else in the raid instead of 80%.


I think the confusion here is that there are two different “Dazed” debuffs:

  • “Daze” from a mob hitting you in the back, that can only be removed by a couple abilities that wipe all debuffs
  • “Daze” from a player’s ability, a snare that can be removed with a trinket, shapeshift, etc. Abilities already in the game that do so include Concussive Shot, Blast Wave, and Furious Howl.

Though I find it funny that they first released Avenger’s Shield acting like a mob’s Daze instead of a player’s Daze, then patched it to act as a player’s Daze both when adding it to TBC and SoD. Kind of funny they made the same mistake twice.

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Seriously? Out of all the classes that need nerfs right now you choose Paladin? Rets will always be middle of the pack dps, wheelchair mobility, never as effective as a warrior with heals in bg, always oom and drinking.

The only thing Paladin has going for it is that is it is a solid 1v1 class. Even then, if matched up against a boomkin, hunter, shaman, mage, or warlock we struggle. Our defensive cds have long cooldowns except freedom and hoj. Just give us this 1 thing please…


The big pally bias giveaway to me in sod was when I noticed 0 restrictions on crusader strikes use

Can use it with a 2h, can use with 1h and shield if you want, costs nothing, restores mana. This allows any type of paladin to use this rune (might use this as healer in dungeons to restore mana along with seal and judge of wisdom)

Now we come to devastate for warriors…
Must have 1h and shield equipped, damage effect ONLY works in defensive stance (this destroys the ability for a 1h and shield warrior PvP build because you need battle or zerker for hamstring). Even though we can already use sunder in any stance. The ability should really be usable with a 2h too with maybe half damage because all warriors use sunder… The bias is real


Nerf retnoobs!

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