NERF lock damage

Demo still needs more nerfs please. GUT this spec.

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Just one shot him bro!..…

Ngl, I think demo damage feels fine. The only frustrating thing to me is how rock-paper-scissors it feels depending on whether or not a team has roots.

My biggest concern with warlock (mostly demo/destro since aff is underwhelming atm)
Is how much soul leech passively heals for.

I feel like blizzard did a good job removing most passive tankiness in shadowlands, but for some reason lock feels largely untouched to where it can outtrade most specs by just doing a normal pve rotation.

Given how strong dark pact, wall, gateway, and port are coupled with the utility the class has it feels a little silly to just win on trades because of how much soul leech passively heals.

Ele (especially Volcanic Surge), Rogues, Mages, Destro, Devastation, WW, Marks, Warriors, Druids, DKs, Havoc all seem to have unhealthy amounts of burst

Although some stuff like Ele and Rogue are a tier away from the others

Lol what? You literally have an answer for everything they can do. Their damage isnt even scary

Demo is fine they have no crazy burst that if u get stunned for 4 seconds as healer ur team will die. Rogue stun lock with boomy/mage is just disgusting. If u have no trinket and or wall against rogue you lose

Ctrl x soul leech
Paste it into enhance

I kinda like that actually, but should still be a lower value. Enhance def could stand to be more tanky, but no one wants s1 bfa enh/unkillablewizard/healer big damp no one can win but you still need to respond to rng game ending burst.

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