Nerf healing reduction by 10%

every class’s healing reduction/ms effects should be reduced by 10% so healers have more impact. also delete shiv

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Or…just roll back some of the dampening tweaks.


Man. I remember when only a few specs had a healing debuff. Must really suck to watch one of your defining traits get handed out to every spec in the game, cut in half, and still have people crying about how it needs to be nerfed further.

cries as I remember 75% healing reduction


Half or more the classes having ms on top off higher dampening/ burst meta is a bit much. So many butonnnss

Imagine having an ms effect.


Too many classes/specs have MS now…

Needs to be reduced, or given to everyone in some shape or form. (oh wait, that would piss too many people off)

Ret paladin rework imminent.
I wonder what warrior ability they’ll prune to fill out another melee’s kit this time.

mortal strike just feels like im watching an episode of DBZ

applies infected wounds

this is 20% mortal strike

applies mortal wounds

this is what is known as a mortal strike that has ascended above a mortal strike. or, you could just call this mortal wounds.

presses sharpen blade






Klungo’s Mortal Strike damaged you 83,793 (41,912 Overkill).


You really think they will give rets an ms effect after 20 years?

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Anything is possible. I never thought you guys would get a spell interrupt, but anything is possible when devs run out of ideas.

No, and ferals shouldn’t have it either. Hybrids who can heal, decently, don’t get MS, that’s supposed to be the trade off.

No. That would make them great for 2’s. Jim and I aren’t gonna get off that easy. Lol

so true

its too powerful to only have on one or two specs… i do agree it should be nerfed across the board though, either in effectiveness or uptime.

I’ll do you one better. Remove dampening and then let MS actually have its 50% debuff in arena instead of being a weak thing that only feel strong because its double dipping with dampening.

Your class cannot for sure after that “buff” 3 weeks ago you got

I mean even a 25% MS is hardly noticeable these days until Damp hits 50%+

Honestly damp feels like crap period. It’s a direct diminishing return exclusively on healers performance. I understand the need for a definable game duration cliff, but feel they could figure something more creative and universal out.

Na… dampening is good. it ends the rounds faster… we would have to wait for a healer to go oom otherwise. if it’s -50% ms all the time, then healing is pointless. all healers would be better off specing their best dps rotation and trying to insta-gib the easiest target.