Nerf healing reduction by 10%

I don’t blame people saying damp is good, they are just looking at it as the definable ending. There has to be another way, or at least make damp not feel so oppressive that it’s the entire obstacle for a healer.

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No thats not the trade off.
The trade off is supposed to be healing = survibility, means if you have healing, you will have less defensive cd.

If you’re a pure dps you have more def cd since you have no healing.

But they gave every pure dps healing now, so this argument no longer hold value

How would you feel about ramping mana costs?

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Wouldn’t matter, the most oppressive healers don’t generally function off mana costs.

Seems really awkward.

Oh, I remember the concept of trade-offs. Not every class needs interrupts, either; the proliferation of them is a big part of why silly band-aids like Precognition are in the game.

Remove feral’s MS and interrupt, give it back Cyclone on Predatory Swiftness. :+1:

We need more dampening and more mana costs for healers

That would be better the only issue i can imagine there would be the advantage given to area denial dps specs and druid bc drinks would be a massive part of game play.

Easiest fix is to revert the damp changes they implemented. Also wouldn’t mind if they revert a bit of feral and DH nerfs and just delete their MS mechanics. As for RSS, I guess they can have the high damp ramp up remain intact to preserve the pace of games.

My initial thinking is that mana costs wouldn’t impact healers nearly as equally, but that brings us right back to dampening. The only other way to force games to end in a reasonable time-frame would be to ramp damage up, but that would easily be the worst of the three.

My genuine question is what do dedicated healers envision their perfect balance to be? Because from my point of view the only way to really enforce shorter games is going to be to restrain healing in some way given that the healer ultimate god-mode power fantasy results in no one dying. It’s just inherently at odds with timely matches. Dampening feels perfectly fine to me because you and the opposing healer are relatively equivalently impacted and your goal is just to do better than them. It also adds a layer of skill expression in kind of gauging the relative weight of restoring health vs. mitigating damage vs. attacking enemy health as the game progresses, and also adds another consideration to CD usage. To me it fits the game mode really well.

But at least some vocal contingent of dedicated healers seem to think it’s trash, so I’m curious what they think a good overall design would be where they get to be free and unrestricted and somehow the game ends. Those same healers also seem to hate being CC’d so I just… I’m genuinely wondering what they think acceptable conditions are for someone to die.

To be clear, I would love to see Healer mana be an actual factor again. I would love for spells to have realistic costs, and heals have actual investment in them beyond instant cast spams.

I’m too lazy to dig out my exact healer perfect world utopia, but I’ll paraphrase – Healers want to be in “just” enough danger to “maybe” die if they misplay for 10+ seconds at a time, but never in any actual danger of losing. They want just enough competition to feel like they earned the victory, but never been at risk of loss at any point. They want to be the single determining factor as to if a team wins/loses, and that nobody should be able to focus them because that’s unfair. They want their spells to be instant cast/powerful, because getting kicked is an anti-fun mechanic and they don’t like it. Mortal strikes, and dampening aren’t fun - because they take away from what they want to do: be unkillable 1v3.

They want more defensives CDs than others have offensive CDs 2:1, because they shouldn’t be in danger of dying to 2 dps. They want to be able to do enough dps to kill any one/thing they want to, while healing simultaneously. Too much sustain, and they feel stressed. Too much burst, and they feel useless.

The sad answer is healers are not a class that can be made happy in PvP. If you make them able to die/have to earn wins, they’re too weak buff asap. If they’re too strong they’re bored and don’t want to queue, and blame anyone else for losing but themselves.

The answer for “acceptable conditions for someone to die” is strictly “must be on the enemy team, and not me for any reason.” - Every healer thinks they should be able to sustain their team through anything, and shortcoming of that is weakness.

If they gave ret that beta move where they can throw their sword and then teleport to it then you probably wouldn’t see me play anything else ever again

They could always remove dampening and do this I suppose

Ret should get an anti-MS mechanism where they increase healing received by friendly targets within their auras.

Ret having a mortal strike doesn’t make sense thematically, but having the ability to nullify Mortal Strike effects does.

However, that doesn’t solve the issue that Rets are basically bound to classes that have MS as partners.

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I’d pick ms over heals anyday. Feral heals for 20k regrowths. Frenzy regen probs can be taken off.

Except hybrid dont heal anymore. Ret should have ms for sure. Or give them back real healing.

Laughs hysterically as hunter.

that’s a pretty neat idea, but they would never let a class have exclusive access to something like that.

As a side note, ive almost never seen a real 3s game on ladder go past the default 10 percent damp beyond a few exceptions that were like 20-30. For ‘real’ arenas it should be reduced. For solo maybe just slowed a tiny bit. Some people act like if they slowed dampen games would never end. But with the last 2 expacs burst meta they do and will Just on mana alone.

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