NELF and Dwarves too OP?

Blood Elf racial was gutted because it was too strong in M+ now all we see is Night Elf and Dwarf racials overtaking M+ scene. Shadowmeld has been especially strong for a long time in the MDI. I feel like it was left alone mostly because no one plays Alliance but now that cross-faction guilds, groups and raids are a thing it seems like this should get some attention.


Disable racials including stat boosts in arena? Its about skill vs skill? Then again i feel as strongly as i do about taylor swifts football antics…

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Yes but i think they should just let us pick active racial abilities because shadowmeld and stoneform are really fun and impossible to nerf without ruining.

Honestly I’m surprised they still have racials active in the competitive modes like arena and M+

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Man, I guess I’m no one. I know the Horde has a larger playerbase, but it’s not by much. And while I like a lot of the Horde races like Orc and Tauren, armor just doesn’t look good on them outside of sets that fit their racial theme. Meanwhile my Human looks good in almost everything (though I am tempted to switch to Draenei because of the Man’ari customization options - I think I’ll wait at least until I see what their heritage armor will look like).

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It certainly made Drax OP in Infinity War.


I think they should generalize the flavor of most of the racials that they can and allow us to pick between them when we create a character. That way everyone gets the OP racial if they want it and they can play whichever type of toon that they want. Make it like a point select system where better racials cost more. I also think it would add more than take away from the roleplay factor, at least on an individual level.


The difference is quite large, especially in the raiding scene - which also includes a lot of the M+ playerbase. It’s been evening out a lot since they made cross-faction more viable because before that the Alliance Hall of Fame took forever to complete.

Alternatively: Keep racials as they are, and let tourneybros move on to a different game


If it is, it’s not noticeable on a populated realm.

I would kill to play a Human to keep my reputation racial but pick up an Orc’s Blood Fury in exchange for Every Man For Himself or vice versa pick another race like Tauren and get the Human reputation racial.

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Fun detected.

Let’s not make everything vanilla flavoured, please.


Like I said I don’t actually care just seems the most fair to me. I don’t have a dog in the race

I mean key point would be to ask if the racials were so strong, that if it was affecting the playerbase.

I don’t think this is the case at the moment, bearing in mind NEs are just popular due to being an attractive Druid race and the only option for DH.

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And yet all that Alliance representation in MDI somehow fails to translate over to the actual game. Almost like MDI it exists in it’s own microcosm.

It’s almost like it’s a tournament in which players will choose what ever gives them an advantage.

You nerf Shadowmeld, stone form or fire blood, and the players will find the next racial that gives them a slight advantage.

And despite all these claims that Shadowmeld/stone form/fire blood/ are OP, people don’t seem to be race swapping en masse to take advantage of it in game.

Almost as if the advantage the racials offers is so minuscule to being non-existent on the grander order of the game in every day Mythic+ that they aren’t OP and not worth worrying about.


You can never take my love of food away, or my bounce… you can take the xp thing, I forget about it.

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And no one cares for regular keys.

This topic comes up every e-sports event. And every time, the same thing is said: if Blizz cared, they would have done something a long time ago. As it stands, they can change mob reactions to it if they cared enough. They don’t.


Not across the entire playerbase, but the top key pushers definitely do. Just go look at the top players in every spec, particularly the meta ones. There is one blood elf in the top 40 vengeance demon hunters.

As I said, Arcane Torrent was already nerfed for this very reason. All of the power is now on the Alliance side. Now that cross-faction is becoming standardized it makes it easier for more people to choose these races to get said advantage.

My main point is perhaps racials shouldn’t have such an impact.

Just to add to this, during SL, Ion said the overall player population was pretty evenly split between alliance and horde - the population difference was largely isolated to end game content (raiding and m+).

They should just remove every racial ability and passive from the game, they only matter in niche situations, and sometimes a specific one is extremely overpowered, the Nelf and Dwarf one right now, which causes them to be nerfed into the ground to once again go back to being only barely useful in niche situations. It also forces certain players to play a race they may not want to just to get the racials due to the content they are doing or be at a disadvantage because they don’t want to swap. Your decision to play a specific race should not be dictated by how powerful a racial is, it should be about which race you like the most whether it being a cosmetic reason, a lore reason, or which one you connect with the most.

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