NELF and Dwarves too OP?

This, 100%. That was mostly my point in my original post. They already nerfed Blood Elf racial for being “too powerful” so now it trickles down to the other races. While this may only be a problem for the higher-end content, shouldn’t this point still stand? Racial choice should be cosmetic, nothing more. The World Soul Saga should give them a good opportunity to rework/remove racial abilities.

Fun QoL racials are cool, like the vulpera tent or void elf discounted transmog. They can get creative with racials that don’t impact player power or break mechanics.


I just don’t think bosses should interact with racials or abilities that work like Shadowmeld, I think that cheapens the game. If Shadowmeld was mostly used for trash packs it would feel a bit more fair. As far as Dwarves they are a bit too universal, I would probably switch stoneform to work only for bleed with no dmg reduction or only dmg reduction and it would still be strong.

Blood elf racial is still strong, but there just ain’t enough stuff to purge in recent dungeons. BFA had a bunch of possible purges. We got waycrest?


Now that’s just silly.

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The Alliance is an addition to the Horde raiding community and not their own faction at this point.

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It also doesn’t stop some players from claiming the reason Alliance M+ / raid representation is lower is due to said racials. :crazy_face:

(Not referring to you or anyone in the thread currently, but it does happen from time to time :wink:)

Did you see what Echo did with Shadowmeld on trash mobs in Murozond’s Rise over the weekend? :sweat_smile:


I’m totally fine with them using it that sort of way. It doesn’t “cheapen” the feeling of the dungeon while skipping a boss mechanic completely because you used shadowmeld doesn’t feel the same.

You see there that snapping is more the issue, snapping mobs to players or players to mobs have always been an issue.

As far as faction representation go you can look on raider io the difference between Horde M+ score and Alliance score. There’s around a 200 score difference between the 0.1% Horde and Alliance and a 100 score difference at 1%. For mythic raiding, tons of people were dwarves for Fyrakk debuff we don’t have stat for it but would be curious to know how many killed Fyrakk mythic as a dwarf.

When the MMORPG has racials :open_mouth:

Seems right. Let’s alter the game for the minority of players and say deal with it to the majority of players.

I mean that’s what we’ve brilliantly done in for real in society so why not do in a game?

Seriously the whole idea is ridiculous.

You’re implying that the vast majority of the community (ie: casuals) use the racial abilities. Most of them don’t even know they have a racial ability to begin with. They are just used/abused at the higher end which is the entire point. This would have zero impact on most of the playerbase while fixing it for the ones this impacts.

Yes they do. Humans can’t help but use theirs. I don’t play a day without using mine. And I am a self confessed filthy casual.

If you are not using it, you are just ignoring a tool in the tool box for no good reason.

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don’t forget human racial for soul thorns during Soulbound Goliath

What? LOL

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You’re not taking my OP into consideration when contextualizing your response. My original point was about the on-use racials, specifically shadowmeld and stoneform. It has nothing to do with the passive ones that have no impact on high-end content.

I appreciate Shadowmeld for this exact reason. I didn’t switch my main to Night Elf for Shadowmeld. But when I found out you could basically just tell Iridikron “no” for Extinction Blast, oh man, I was so excited. If there’s something that can negate big damage, I’m normally pretty happy since I heal. I do agree though, while Shadowmeld tends to have more niche uses, when you find those uses they’re incredibly strong especially when compared to other racials.

Yes, this is a perfect example. On high keys, being able to “cheese” Iridikron’s Extension Blast brings a lot of value. It allows classes that otherwise couldn’t bypass such mechanics the opportunity to do so. I don’t think it was ever intended for racial abilities to bring so much power. Disabling them in M+ could be a solution, but it feels like a copout.

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I think it is fine to be able to use night elf racial (and abilities that do the same) on trash but like raiding it shouldn’t work on bosses. You shouldn’t be able to drop bosses abilities.

Dwarf racial is just too universal and good. Most racials reduce the damage to a specific type or heal you a negligible amount. Dwarf racial is a 10% defensive cd that also cleanse magic, diseases, poisons and bleed. It should do much much less. Even just as a 10% defensive or as a bleed/poison cleanse it would still be pretty strong and way better than most racials.

It wasn’t that bad when they didn’t have much damage from their racial so you could say they were mostly a defensive race, but they gave them one of the best damage racial too xd

Encounters can be designed around them if Blizzard thought it was an issue.

Let’s stop trying to nerf people and be logical.

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I am 100% certain that the dwarf racial being OP is the entire reason we are getting earthen.

I pretty much dont think they can, in regard to dwarf racial.

I’m surprised the dwarf does magic dispel as well. I think bleed/poison would still make it a good racial, but adding magic makes it amazing.

Wasn’t there a non-dispellable bleed or debuff applied in Castle Nathria that the dwarf racial couldn’t remove? I recall folks talking about that at the time, but never really participated in the raid.