[NELF A-RP] Ru Shallora Enudoril

RSE is a Night Elf exclusive medium to heavy RP guild with a focus on character-driven stories supported by an overarching plotline. We focus on themes of protection and preservation of nature while also exploring Kaldorei traditions, culture, artifacts, etc. Though our goals put us at odds with some factions - violence and bloodshed are not uncommon in defense of the wilds - keep in mind that we are not a military guild. The order’s goals are strictly social.

We are looking for active players and good writers who share our passion for long-term, character-focused roleplay. Due to the narrow focus and IC mission of our guild, some characters will find they simply don’t mesh with us - but we will always be happy to help players who don’t quite fit with us find a home that better suits their aims!


It’s a mouthful! Our guild name is inspired by a quest chain in Classic called “Guardians of the Altar” that has since been removed from the game. It centered around of a sacred artifact, the Gem of Elune, which allowed contact with the goddess. During the quest, a vision shows the player the text “Anu’dorini talah, ru shallora enudoril,” spoken by the Voice of Elune to the wildkin charged with protecting the altar. This is translated as “Let my will be known, I anoint these caretakers of the wild.”

Thus, “Ru Shallora Enudoril” roughly translates to “Anointed Caretakers of the Wild.”


Nar’delah (Guardian/Mentor of the Ancient Ways) - GM
Melah’alar (Guiding Leader) - Officer

Shalla’tor (Shadow Render) - A dedicated Demon Hunter of the Order.
Serrar’Delar (Blade of the Ancient Keepers) - A dedicated Warrior, Rogue or Monk of the Order.
Rhok’Delar (Bow of the Ancient Keepers) - A dedicated Hunter of the Order.
Lok’Delar (Stave of the Ancient Keepers) - A dedicated Mage of the Order.
Del’dorini (Nature’s Ancient Keeper)- A dedicated Druid of the Order.
Elun’elil (Blessed of Elune) - A dedicated Priest of the Order.

Shalloril (Annointed by the night) - Basic combat role.
T’lara (Warrior armed only with words) - Basic non-combat role.


Currently, our guild housing is located in Val’sharah (Coordinates: 66,32). Guild base may change frequently depending on the guild story and campaign, and we aim to make use of plenty of night elf areas in game.

Application Process

We only accept lore abiding night elves.

Class restrictions include any IC Death Knights or undead characters. If your character is a Death Knight, but you do not RP as one, we will be able to accept you.

If you wish to apply, all you’ll need to do is contact the recruitment toons listed below either by sending us a whisper or an in-game mail.

No application is required. We will conduct an IC interview to get to know your character before inviting them into the guild.

TRP3, TRP3 Extended, or MRP are mandatory RP addons.

GM and Officers:
Draena (GM/Recruitment), Taldorne (Officer/Recruitment) Ayura and Lyreille (Officer/DM)

Additional Information

For those who are new to Night Elf RP, we will gladly help in providing lore appropriate references and aiding those new to MG.
We participate in PvE as a guild. We will assist in running mythic dungeons as well as gearing newer characters that join the guild.
We enjoy being connected with the community and would love to interact with other night elf guilds on the server!


Bold of Draena to include my name here as if I’ve ever done anything to indicate I’m good at my job :stuck_out_tongue:

Kidding aside, glad to be recruiting again!

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Good luck Draena!

Edit done to update the rank names!

I have a druid of the talon that might be suited for this :slight_smile:

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You know, if you think about it, druidism is really Advanced Peasantry.

Good on you Kal-Doo-Rei for sticking with what you are good at.


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I have sent you a mail in world since I wasn’t sure when you guys were on :slight_smile:

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I would like to begin with a shoutout to Silver Circle for their compassionate and openness towards Florbela, and we trust that it is an excellent match for them.

Ilsarith is indeed the original founder of Ru Shallora Enudoril, but he is currently not affiliated with us. At the time of Florbela’s interview, the guild did indeed have a rule stating that we would not accept characters below level 110. That rule was a holdover from Ilsarith’s time as Guild Master, and it’s a rule we’ve since gotten rid of.

Language barriers did not play a factor in the interview with Floribela. This guild has never been and never will be a place that tolerates racism or hatred towards any racial, cultural or religious groups.

The reasons given were indeed given at face value - we apologise to anyone who felt that there was some other reason underlying that, but that is an assumption that is simply not the case. We are open and happy to help both new and ESL roleplayers, but do require lore abiding, (relatively) completed TRP profiles.

As for whether or not we’re comfortable with Draena as our GM, yes. There is no person we would rather have in charge. She’s among the most fair and nicest people we’ve ever met, let alone worked to run a guild with, and has been nothing but up front and honest about any decision she’s made for the guild.

To Ilsarith, I really do hope we cleared up any misinterpretation. The guild has grown and shrunk and grown in many ways since its conception, many things change and it’s often hard to keep track of one’s own mistakes while running a guild. If you do feel like there is more we can do to improve, please let us know!


As a former member/officer from Ru Shallora Enudoril on Emerald Dream. I wish Ru all the best on MG. I joined when I first came to MG. Though wasn’t really active. Good luck Draena! :+1:


I have to say that out of all the guilds (RP) that I have been apart of this one is easily one of the best. I joined Ru Shallora Enudoril back in late March and have been having a great time. From the moment I joined I was able to take part in their wonderfully written guild story, as well as many other side events that members had made. It was engaging, well thought out and I really felt as if my character was able to be themselves and feel useful in the RP.

Outside of the RP many of the players (including myself) take part in both PvE and PvP, whether it’s Arena, Battlegrounds or Mythic+ there seems to be a little bit of everything for people to take part in and enjoy. The members themselves are all good writers and well versed in Kaldorei lore and WoW lore in general. So any help someone might need will easily be taken care of.

When it comes to new RPers, I have seen first hand how patient, attentive and helpful the GM, officers and other guild members have been. They’re a wonderful group of players, writers and people. I’m happy to say I’m apart of the guild and am looking forward to going into Shadowlands with them!


It’s very funny that you still hang around the guild even if it’s on the forums. I think it’s time you move on and get over whatever issues you have. It’s really unhealthy. Imagine having a vendetta so hard for people on a video game you come to try and slander them. Very childish.

My favorite part about Ilsarith is his historical manipulative skills (especially to girl gamers). You weren’t let back in because you caused a lot of trouble and couldn’t seperate IC and OOC. The forums aren’t the place for you. You need some serious assistance.

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I’m aware of what I said and stand by it.

(post withdrawn by author, will be automatically deleted in 24 hours unless flagged)


I just joined recently and I can say that no, Draena has not once been demeaning nor disrespectful to me at all. Actually, she impressed me on how well she can run guilds. She’s DM’d and spoken to me about any problems that has occurred. I have high respect for her. I’ve yet to see anyone else get upset with her as well. I am enjoying my time in this guild, especially the three to four weeks I’ve been in it. Along with her officers, they’ve managed to defuse any situations professionally.

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These accusations seem a bit harsh, if it’s okay I would like to speak to the positives of RSE!

I am not an English speaker since birth, I personally think it is pretty obvious haha. I tend to mess up my grammar a lot and frequently mix things up when it comes to the more technical side of English (english? Does that need to be capitalized? LOL)

Draena’s interview of me was very polite and cordial, however. There was no show of holding grudges against me when I fumbled with grammar or belittling me. With that experience under my belt, I find it frankly impossible to believe that a language barrier posed any issue with Floribela and the vague jumps to racism or purposeful exclusion of others based off of said barrier seems entirely out of place and wrong. As someone who’s first language is not English and teaches ANOTHER language to English speakers, language barriers can indeed be hard. Officers are people! Confusion is an evident part of our lives just as human beings. A bit of confusion surrounding a bit of trouble to understand what someone meant does not equal purposeful exclusion or even hostile rejection whatsoever. Non-English speakers are not babies that need to be coddled by the community, we are just people who speak a different mother tongue. It seems as though you’re using that experience to further a purposefully slandering narrative, IMO.

I wouldn’t call the guild elitist either, tons of questions regarding Night Elf lore are asked in chat and frequently answered by numerous amounts of people more than willing to help teach someone a part of the history, the culture, the traditions of Kaldorei and so on. It’s honestly quite welcoming, if anything, coming from Moon Guard where people can be incredibly elitist– to a group like RSE who are friendly and always happy to help you with a lore question when you’re struggling.

I hope since I am a non-native English speaker, I was able to provide a poisitive counter-insight into being one whilst being in RSE’s community! Please don’t let the above allegations make you averse to joining, I’m having a blast. :>


To those who might be curious as to why I removed my previous comments. While I still stand by what I said. I am removing them out of respect for the original guild leader and creator, upon his request.


I was actually in the guild when you first made it and left while you were still GM. You recruited me! I was on a druid named Aynysa.

I rejoined under Draena and am enjoying it a lot more now than I was then. Your continued implication of how there’s ‘better things for me’ out there in terms of guilds seems very hateful and obviously laden with personal grudges. :confused:


To the reader: if you have made it this far, you’re probably wondering where are or what happened to my comments. I removed them. The long and short of it was I had my feelings hurt, I was caught between two groups of my friends, I got frustrated and I said things I should not have born out of that hurt. I feel remorse for the things I said, the things I did. I acted very immaturely, to the detriment of both myself and this guild I care about. For context, when my father killed himself in 2015, my escape was creating this guild and lore, it means a great deal to me, even if I am not in it. I know an apology doesn’t just fix how I behaved, but I am sorry, especially to both Ayura and Draena, and wish you all the best. There are some great RPers, but further, human beings in this guild. Check them out if you’re a nelf RPer! Ande’thoras-ethil RSE.

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Crackin open a brewski to read all of this