Need the best Skimpy Plate gear

Pref bought from the AH, or created with BS

Bikini tops, nice legs, and all that

Frost DK btw

Have you looked over this thread?

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Are any of those obtainable through the AH? looking for a very skimpy chest <3

For a Human?

Let me look at some stuff.

Give me a few mins.

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You should be able to find the following plate sets on the AH, but they may be very pricy.

For just a chest piece, there is this one:


Any helm suggestsion thatwould look good, that will show my sexy face

Have you thought about using one of the cosmetic glasses? The ones shown here are the Onyx Glare-Reducers.

They are sold by Finn (standing next to Barber Shop in SW):

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Thats exactly what im going to go buy now! haha those are awesome!

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I have the Van Guard, The Glorius it’s the one she has on now, The Jade Set, The Bloodscale sets…the only ones i grinded for are the pants she’s wearing now, and the jade pants, I could never find them, and when i did once, they were way above my pay grade at the time. I found them in Winterspring.

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