Need help starting the Tides of Vengeance questline


I have completed the Ready for War achievement. I am exalted with both Zandalar and the Honorbound. What do I need to do next to start the Tides of Vengeance questline?

From what I have researched, the first quest of the chain starts on the Banshee ship, but no quest giver appears for me there.

Thanks for any help! I’d like to unlock the Zandalari, but need this achievement to do it.

What does ur war campaign say.

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From what I can see you completed Ready for War before you faction changed, Wysp. The quests for the Horde version are different from Alliance, if I had to guess, that may be the issue. You started those quests, but abandoned “Into the Heart of Tiragarde”. Check out the section under: 8.0 War Campaign: Level 120

I would ask the same. It should be pointing you to what you need to do next, though some things get a little wonky after a faction change, but check that out.


It is prompting me to play through the Ready for War…but since I already have the achievement, I thought I was missing something.

Will I need to play through this questline?

I believe so, Wysp. While the achievement is account wide, the quests that are needed to start the next part are faction specific. The list in the guide that I linked, starting at: 8.0 War Campaign: Level 120, should be the list of which quests you need to complete.

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I am having the same problem I’m exulted with both the Zandarli and honorbound went Nathanos didn’t give me the tides of war I did all of the footholds I did all of the storylines in Zuldazar I did get a quest that took me to Nazjatar please help I’m going insane trying to unlock the trolls

Before you can start the Tides of Vengeance you need to complete the Ready for War achievement.

On your Horde Blood Elf Hunter you completed up through the First Assault.