Need clarification on latest unjust policy update

What does ‘mirroring’ mean?

What about ‘streamline’? Am I streamlining my multiboxing by having multiple monitors? Multiple mice?

This policy is so vague that I can assume its main purpose is to enable Blizzard to arbitrarily take action against anyone they want.,

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What does Google say? Make sure to refine it by looking up computer mirroring.


what policy update?

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It doesn’t matter what Google says. I want to know Blizzard’s definition. I want to know what the rules are, so I can follow them.

If you press one button and more than one character performs an action that is mirroring. The policy update is just to include hardware mirroring, as initially it just included software.

You can have multiple instances of WoW running at one time, you just have to do everything manually on each character.


what about streamlining?

We will now additionally prohibit the use of all software and hardware mechanisms to mirror commands to multiple World of Warcraft accounts at the same time, or to automate or streamline multi-boxing in any way.

It’s pretty clear.

“We will now additionally prohibit the use of all software and hardware mechanisms to mirror commands to multiple World of Warcraft accounts at the same time, or to automate or streamline multi-boxing in any way.”

Mean one input to control multiple instances of the game are no longer allowed. Looks like Multiboxing is kaput.


having multiple monitors helps streamline my multiboxing. do I need to run only one monitor and alt+tab??? Why or why not? What does streamline mean???

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Multiple monitors is not streamlining… I use Multiple monitors, but I don’t multibox.


I made a post in question of the mirror definition. I play 5 different classes and map one button to one character’s ability, so there is no overlap. Would anyone say this is the multibox cheese? I mainly do this to try to solo clear PvE content for fun, dont really harm anyone.

Also, one class multiboxing, like shaman or mage, is cheese AF and don’t condone that trash. My multiboxing doesnt really affect PvP, but i do get a good gold bump cuz im soloing an instance, only cheese i can think of. I’m mainly doing it for the challenge though.

but why?

Does having multiple monitors not help you multibox? Is there a difference between help and streamlining?

This is all completely subjective

The CS forum isn’t really the place for this kind of topic - given the fact the blues here, along with players, ain’t really give detail answers on something.

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I guess people was launching several instances of the game across several monitors. Looks like Blizz is putting a stop to that. I saw this coming a long way off, it was just a matter of time.

Well I submitted a ticket, but I think it would benefit everyone if a blue post clarified the rules, rather than individually responding to every request for more detail.

You’re not likely to get any more detail from a GM in-game (your ticket) than you are via the forums.

Generally speaking, when there’s a change like this, the Blues are not usually able to provide additional details. Rules like these are usually intentionally vague as there are those out there who try and ‘game the rules’.

A GM in-game is going to refer you back to the multiboxing support article and the post in the general forums.


I suggest that you ask on outside multiboxing forums and groups. A GM is just gonna refer you to the current policy.


so there is literally no way to know what the rules are, until I break them???


And how are you wanting them to specify? By you going line by line down your multiboxing process and asking if each step is okay?

Not gonna happen.

Don’t have one button do more than one action. That’s pretty much it. If you think something is walking the line then maybe don’t do that.


Blizzard isn’t into the habit of giving a detail list of what is and isn’t against the rules. Akin to asking what words would get one in hot water.


It’s quite clear, don’t multibox several clients on one machine and mirror them on mutliple monitors…

No, the rules are already outlined. If you think that you might be breaking them, then you’d want to discontinue whatever it is that you’re doing that might be breaking them.

Looking at what’s been posted by Blizz, basically, no using any software or hardware to make multiboxing easy. No KVM switches, no wireless keyboard/mice options with multiple receivers and no software to help change focus/alt-tab for you from one account to another.

It looks like you can only alt-tab between accounts and play one single account at a time. That’s how I read it at least.