Need Basic Tips / Guide on how to Tank (PROT PALADIN)


I want to be a healer, but I don’t want to level as a healer.

Instead, I’ve speced as prot paladin and I really like how I feel in the open world.

However, it also meant I’m fully speced to tank, and have my shield, so I figured I should just tank in dungeons too.

I tried tanking gnomregan, and that was pretty easy.

However, all I did was just hit each mob and try to maintain threat.

Is that basically all there is to tanking?

Also, how many mobs should I pull? 1,2,3,5?

Should you start with conservative pulls, like 1, and if that goes well, do 2?


Step one, go down holy till you have consecrate.

Step two, turn on righteous fury, and the seal of your choice. Judgement and consecrate.

Step 3 if people are pulling aggro, they get blessing of salv.


Steps 2 and 3 - easy, done that.

Step 1 - At Level 40, I can’t have both consecrate AND holy shield.

Holy Shield is giving me massive amounts of threat - isn’t that more important than an AOE damage spell?

Like, I hear what you are saying, but where do the talent points go after consecrate? If I go for consecrate, I won’t even have enough points for Rek.

Works great for level 50 though.

I’m currently level 40.

(Sidvishious) #4

Consecrate will generate more aoe threat than holy shield. Put on righteous fury aura, run in, consecrate, and start attacking. Tell your dps to give you a second before going ham.


Consecrate should provide higher threat than holy shield. But it will also stress your mana.

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Also after your second consecrate you can switch to seal of wisdom to help regen mana so you do t have to drink after each pull.


i have not done it here on classic but the first thing i did on retail when trying to tank exclusively was get the threat addon

threat plates? or something

the color of the enemy nameplate is a different color relative to threat and whether or not you are a tank or another role

so as a tank i tried to have “all green mobs” which meant i had threat on all of them

so yes- a major part of tanking well is to establish threat on the mobs

another major part is the “what to do” when you dont have threat on everything

do you immediately taunt if mob moves to a dps? a healer? sometimes yes sometimes not

another thing is establishing a kill order and directing party to a specific duty of a pull

a tank dictates the pace but dont be so bull headed to not follow the flow of group or any advice or tactics from other members

watch videos (even bfa content of tanking guides there are some good ones that all touch on bedrock principles) on tanking


Hmm, ok - I certainly have been hearing a lot of buzz about consecration.

Ok, that makes sense to me.

After Consecrate, returning to prot tree, is it:

-5 in redoubt, 3 precision, 1 blessing of kings, 3 righout fury, 3 shield spec, and 3 hammer of justice?

Sorry for posting it like that, can’t post the link, and this is after consecrate.

Makes me want to be 41 for that point in blessing of Sanctuary and then tank- but it’s time to hit SM already.


Here is how you tank as a paladin. Reroll warrior… That is truth. In this state of the game, warriors where the tank. Blizzard had not really found any kind of tank balance yet. so it is either warrior or GTFO.


Thanks for the advice.

I did download a threat meter this morning.

Right now, my biggest concern is how big to pull.

I come from FF14 where people communicate a lot and people don’t hesitate to tell you things like “pull more, it’s ok” or “please pull less, can’t heal enough”

In WoW, the experience has been more getting kicked after a screw up, or people just leave. Of course, that’s also retail - is it better currrently in classic?


I was just about to post:

In before someone says re-roll warrior. Oh well, i tried lol.


You’re title is asking for help so one someone suggest something

You tell them they’re wrong and give your own advice?




Dynamite/Grenades are you’re ranged and aoe pull.

Linkens Boomerang also works.

Edit: doh I definitely misunderstood what you were saying.


Not trying to tank at end-game or raids, just trying to go from 40-60.

You don’t have to be a warrior to tank gnom or SM.

I totally plan to heal at 60 as it’s the reason I rolled a paladin.

But I have seriously fallen in love with being able to solo things harder than me while questing. It now goes fast, even if it is still wack . . . wack . . . wack


He meant hes done that. Dont was a typo Im sure.


As already stated, so I’ll just confirm . . . that’s a typo.

Change the T to an E.

I did so in my post just to ensure no on else is confused.


it’s hard to explain

but when i make a bigger pull on my druid i am a lot more active positionally

i incrementally make bigger pulls early on (with a new group, or even group i’ve run with before) to make sure everyone is on toes

and not big enough that if shtf i cant get my self out of it (and this is how i sort of judge even bigger pulls- could i survive it if shtf and i gotta bail and at least run out and back in to use battle res)


Regardless, very good advice for a prot pally.

As someone already said, Blessing of Salvation a dps stealing threat, or bubble them.

If you can get the dps to give you just a few seconds to build threat though, they’re going to have a hard time stealing it.

If you go oom, you are screwed.

Prot leveling 40’s (50’s for sure) and onward is great fun. You are nigh invincible.


another thing people often overlook is shield spikes. I used to use those cause some friends/guildies would pull threat. Luckily, they knew when to feign, etc but still useful to hold aggro. Also being spacially aware of your consecration so you don’t break sheep on harder pulls etc.


Would highly recommend alchemy as it will make your life easier controlling things like your stats and mana.

I’d recommend making friends with someone to get shield spikes too.

Build I would recommend is 11/31/9:
Go holy until consecration, then go deep into protection to get the holy shield and blessing of sanctuary as those are important. Then beef up with some supplemental stuff in retribution.
You can use “/500501-053050335001051” in the wowhead classic calculator for specifics.