Necromancer class already designed IN GAME


The only thing similar between Necros and DKs would be control dead. By your logic priests shouldn’t exist becauset of paladins.

We know so much more about the realm of death that Necros could use sin magic, fleshcrafting, DOMINIATION MAGIC. omg so cool


i just wanna steal some Necro spells from D3, like the one that rips the bones out of enemies around you, then swirls around you beating your enemies with their own bones. Yes Please!


How does mail make sense for hunters but not casters?

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There is a link there that is dead now, but Blizz put out a podcast where they explained Necros, Rune Mancers and DKs were all considered, but they rolled them all into DK and called it a day.

I think what people fail to see is that the classes in wow have a lot of overlap.

With that being said, I’d love to see a necromancer class but seriously doubt Blizzard could pull it off while balancing classes.

If they’d drop this borrowed power gimmick, they MIGHT be able to execute the class in a presentable way. It’s a big, “if,” however.

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Actually leather would make more sense for Hunters and Shaman but “Chain Mail” was always an armor type between leather and plate going back to original D & D days, so they worked it in and that’s where we are today.

Rogues absolutely WOULDN’T work (they’ve always been traditionally leather wearers), Druids can’t use metal armor because of their nature abilities, and Monks technically SHOULD be in Cloth, but Blizz designated cloth for casters, so they ended up in leather instead.

Don’t ask me why DH ended up in leather and not mail. I can’t figure that one out.

They could just roll all the abilities from necrolords into a spec

That would be fun


just make a glyph of hte ncromancer for demmonology warlocks. problem solved. im a genius you can give me many moneys later.

Fred. I hate to break it to you, but it is.


You are right.
But it seems that some people do not see it that way because they are not literally called “Necrolords”, they are called “Death Knights” in World of Warcraft.

Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuughno more EDGELORD CLASSES! Please, we already have death knights, warlocks, and demon hunters with assassin rogues and shadow priests, that’s enough edgy grimdarkness for AT LEAST 5 more expansions.


We don’t that idea. We want a seperate spec with DIFFERENT powers.

Visuals is only part of what make necromancers .

This game is constantly balanced this won’t change with the addition of a new class. WoW desperately needs new classes, not just a new class, but new CLASSES. New classes and races are the lifeblood that keeps expansions going.

Look at the expansions that people remember fondly, they’re expansions that introduced new playable classes.
TBC gave paladins and BELVES to the Horde, Shamans and Dreanei to the Alliance.
Wrath gave us DK’s.
Mists gave us a new class and race.
Legion gave us a new class and ostensibly two new races(cosmetically, and thematically).

WoW NEEDS to introduce new classes, and can’t afford to do otherwise.


No, no, let them go on. I might get my Shadow tree for Velf Riftblades and Nelf Wardens.

They are though… Rather than asking for help from the light, they become a vessel of the light and channel it directly through themselves. Think Venn Diagrams where you have a small circle inside of a big circle.

But anyways, DKs are necromancers. No ifs ands or buts about it. They raise the actual dead, therefore they are necromancers.

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Every necromancer in game is a Frost mage with the ability to raise the dead.

The DK is a Necromancer argument is just weak and lame… I’m going to laugh my butt off when Blizz finally does add them. Till then, DK’s it is… Regardless of the argument, this game needs another ranged class.

Quoth the Shaman.

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The differences between a Death Knight and a true Necromancer are similar to the differences between a Warlock and a Demon Hunter.

Or a Paladin and a Priest.

If we have two Fel based classes and two Light (mostly) based classes, I don’t see why two Death based classes is too much of a stretch.


Should already be. Dks right there. If you really wanna have the cloth feel then mog the starter DK set and play frost.
The game does need a new range but making a class that dispite it being a “weak and lame argument” game wise would literally be exactly like a warlock or DK is not fun or interesting…what would the specs be?

How could they be different in anyway from lock or DK…SL was a time to make a thing and it wasnt because DKs fill the “necrolord” niche…ffs army of the dead and undead pets and shadow magics everything about to is macro the issue is y’all are too stubborn to accept it and find a more interesting concept.