Nazjatar quest reward weapons

Not to that particular zone. No zone has been created with the idea that the same person will only be able to do the content after they get a particular weapon. Not a single one.

Some of us are actually alpha testers.

Once again, it was brought in line with the effort involved in attaining it and the content it was being acquired from. What, did you think you needed a 400+ item level for Nazjatar?

Sorry but it is welfare gear and it leads to people like you crying on the forums when they don’t receive their handouts.

They didn’t.

Yes, I’m going to be that person.

How am I elitist? I haven’t raided in years lol.

I agree…blizzard appeasing the vocal whiners this time. Would have been nice to know when the weapon emissary was up. Skipped it with a couple alts solely because of the Ptr info.

This game is the most casual friendly game since it’s been it’s entire 15 years of being. There’s literally a 10% hardcore aspect to this game which is mythic raid, high m+ keys and 2400+ rating in arena. You have the rest of the game and some of your content merges with ours.
To be honest I don’t care if you stay or go but I think they over catered enough and should pull it back to the point you start appreciating what you have instead of being spoiled/entitled for not getting what you aren’t capable of getting with your own time/effort like everyone else.
I wish they’d go back to how vanilla was with only acquiring a meaningful upgrade every few months.



I can confirm that there was a bug in the PTR that was causing this reward to generate at an unintentionally high item level, and the bug was finally fixed just before the content update went live.

So you’re seeing the intended power of the reward, and it should be consistent with other rewards that come from similar activities.


Thank you. That does answer questions and help clear up some misconceptions.


I hope it looks good, because at 370 it’s basically transmog for most of my toons.


Trouble is people feel this was nerfed because people complained it was too high. It was on the PTR at 415 for a number of builds so I personally am not buying the ‘bug’ line.

People will unsub.


This is hilarious.

Leave a 415 weapon reward in until the last second and call it a bug? What the actual *^#%?


Anyone who thought LFR level gear for the next raid was going to be a reward for a day one solo quest was high


From what I read it’s just a recycled Warfront model.


I might buy their excuse if they came out and said it was there on the PTR to give people some incentive and maybe a boost to delve further into the content and, you know, test?

I can’t believe a bug like that made it’s way so far.


looks at forums and uses a British accent it was a sh** show, obviously…

i can already see this coming…


Yup, and if people want to leave 'cause they didn’t get a 415 wep then don’t let the door hit them on the way out :rofl:

Some whiney babies… even when Blue says it’s a bug, even that is a conspiracy. Geez the undeniable human nature that is complaining.



Whether or not it was a bug is inconsequential, the ILVL dropping is a good thing.


Serious de hype / motavating last minute change.


At least I can do or not do and it matters not either way at this point.

Thanks for a blue response at least

yeah, I can just hear talisin and evital and their it was a stuff show; obviously comment and the linked forum posts.

Gotta say the idea of a 415 weapon was super nice to expect, and a let down to see it gone with no fore warning.

Hint to bliz: If players see a marked for release ptr and a 415 weapon that is either going to be very valuable to one type of player or pretty much scrap to the other type and it becomes pure scrap 370 ilvls for those expecting different. IT feels like something nice was nerfed or taken away. Not saying it was, just how it feels to myself, and others I have spoken with. Except of course for the small minority of those suffering from schadenfreude in their personality matrix.


Gotta love the irony in this one. Will unsub because he didn’t get a basically free 415 but wants to play classic where nothing good is handed to you free on a platter.


Tbf, bugs get fixed in order of priority. “This reward is too high ilvl” is probably pretty low compared to other bugs that legitimately hamper ptr testing.

Although it probably also wouldve been a pretty quick fix.


Yeah I hope they enjoy going months without a meaningful upgrade even if they bother to raid. I’ve seen so many posts that are like this also, someone the other day said classic was less of a grind than live LOL.