Naxx will be hard

MC is the hardest raid in all of classic… That trash is no joke.

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Well player base farmed NR gear. This time around ahead of time so huhu wasn’t a road block. Twin emps still give pugs trouble because its easy for tanks to die and it to cause wipes.

Cthun is its nerf’d state so the DPS requirement is so so low. Plus strats are super available.

Spent hours farming NR gear, and don’t even really use it. Hunter aura and a GNRP seems to work just fine if you just save CDs for enrage.


Naxx is gonna be cleared in under an hour on release. Zzzz

definitely strats made a difference. we used to be more sustain in the past, it’s very different now.

I can’t wait to pug this “hard” raid in some GDKPs to make some gold.


Nax will separate men from the boys.

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It’s not complicated, but it hits hard and a majority of it has a tremendous aggro range (predictably larger than any private server had them “scripted”). A majority of testers aren’t paying attention to how powerful the Just Pretend buff is, and are brushing off the actual amount of raid damage these trash mobs do and will do to players without an extra 3,000 health and 100% damage.


As is standard fare at this point, you throw Tanks at mobs and lift and separate if they do nasty things when together, otherwise you group and cleave. The Champions and Anubisaths in AQ40 are frankly disappointing mobs to deal with as a Tank, I don’t expect mobs in Naxx to be much worse from a Tank/Healer perspective.

As for aggro range, that’ll take all of a single wipe or two to make people stop being stupid, and most raid leaders are anal enough to have designated “pullers” for everything, complete with marks and such.

“Hits harder and attacks sooner than expected” was the standard method of making hard modes when such a thing was introduced in Wrath. Any fight that didn’t introduce new mechanics along with the “more health, more damage” fell rather quickly unless the gear check was severe (and most were not). Folks will adjust rather quickly.

I would say a lot of trash packs in naxx are more akin to post twin emp trash than pre twin emp trash.

Ehh… I would not, and C’thun trash is boring, you just need extra warm bodies for all the MC and de-aggro shenanigans.

Either your perception is dramatically off (rendering this opinion rather useless) or they weren’t actually well communicated in the slightest.

Their raid lead explained the fights in detail. But not all 40 people appeared to listen, and even if some listened, they still had misunderstandings of the fight itself. As I have said, even one person can cause a group fatality.

So your average guild is going to clear it in about 3-4 weeks? This is your “strife and agony” claim?

I did not provide a time frame upon when an “average” guild will clear Naxx. It could be that “average” guilds never will. Regardless of how long it takes, the time spent dying in Naxx, reexplaining the fights, staying patient with another’s mistake, and the bickering over loot is the strife and agony.

That’s actually not a very good sign. Way too many inexperienced raid leads think a 5-10min in-depth explanation is the best policy. Every single fight in Naxx can be explained on a role basis and in a matter of a line or two. No reason to try to fully explain the interesting facets of Anub’rekhan’s Locust Swarm.

You’re describing basic progression raiding.


I agree with your point on explanations.

You’re describing basic progression raiding.

And if I said to one who wished to climb Mount Everest, “You will face strife and agony,” you may reply, “You’re describing basic mountain climbing.”

Naxx is nowhere near that agonizing or difficult, no need for hyperbole.

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relativity is important…it is basic progression, but classic raiders aren’t used to that. the most they’re used to is killing half or more bosses in the first reset then coming back the next week to clear all of it (as was the case for a lot of guilds when p3/5 released).

naxx will be different. a lot of guilds will take more than 2 weeks to clear it entirely, unless they have 40 people willing to devote at least twice the amount of time to raiding as they were previously.


no need for hyperbole.

I agree that it is exaggerated, but the strife and agony will occur nonetheless.

That’s… really really easy. I mean, like super easy. I get having to forego another MC clear may really make some people irritated… but most folks are full clearing everything in 2 days with average speeds.

Putting MC/BWL on hold while you progress through Naxx is not some extreme sacrifice.



The real challenge is having 40 raiders login on time.


Uhm, look in the mirror lmao

Naxx will be plenty tough for my guild I dunno what you’re on about.