Naxx will be hard

I’ve watched a video showcasing the military ward and a seemingly-well communicated group wipe several times.

People will get demoralized after their first wipe–all their buffs will be gone. If one player makes a mistake, such as an early pull or not standing out of LOS for an AOE silence, the raid group will likely wipe.

On top of that frustration, you will have a lot of greed. I can see that the difficulty will not be the fight mechanics alone, but the group’s patience and endurance to stay sane.

There is no doubt that a select few guilds will clear Naxx quickly and make it look easy, but the mass majority of players will face an up-hill, mountainous terrain of strife and agony.

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I will climb any mountain to get the precious glyph of deflection.

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I mean, if your clearing aq40 easily you will be clearing a lot of naxx easily.

Yes fights will take some time for people to learn. Raz will be similar to twin emps where warlocks had to learn to tank, but this time it will be priests using MC.

A lot of the other bosses mechanics arent complicated or hard. Most guilds going in on week 1 shouldnt bother with world buffs honestly. Trash half the time will kill more people than bosses.


Yeah it sounds like you have more end-game experience with classic than I. It may be that if a guild can clear AQ, it will have a better time in Naxx. Even still, do simple mistakes in AQ cause wipes?


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The people who have already cleared it 50 times will go in with full world buffs and 20 dps warriors and make a mockery of it.

Then people watching it on twitch will talk about how easy it is.

Should be fun and challenging for the majority of guilds actually doing it though.


1 person can wipe the c’thun fight


EH, that seems a little hard. I mean I guess if they get like 3 or 4 heals with an eye beam sure. But Cthun without world buffs can be done pretty easy in 2 phases with like 25 people.

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every raid is harder progressively. this is gonna be the hardest dungeon in the game, it will be hard. healbot is gonna break a lot of guilds.

maybe for the first two or three weeks, yes

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Care to elaborate on what you mean by this?

Reactive healing doesn’t really work on a lot of encounters in naxx. Is what I assume he means.

The gear from naxx will make naxx easier. As well we know the need for frost damage absorbing potions.

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A lot of guilds will require Nature and Fire as well im sure to cheese easy bosses that dont need the cheese.

Can’t wait til I see the first “Group of 40 naked gnomes clears Naxx in six minutes” articles pop up a week after it launches.


I mean with how teleport and flying hacking in CLassic*100% doable.

He’s talking about how Loatheb is an Anagram for Healbot.

He also doesn’t understand what GSPP is


That guy is gonna be a hell of a fight and require consumes like no other.


Either your perception is dramatically off (rendering this opinion rather useless) or they weren’t actually well communicated in the slightest.

Naxx trash isn’t complicated or even particularly difficult, and the skills to pull of any boss fight has already been showcased in prior raids. The most unique fights, like Thaddius, Loatheb, Heigan, and 4HM, don’t actually require anything notably tricky, they just have specific gimmicks to deal with that are semi-new.

So your average guild is going to clear it in about 3-4 weeks? This is your “strife and agony” claim? That’s… that’s rather hilariously silly. A guild steamrolling through Mythic content on Retail in a matter of 3-4 weeks would be light speed levels of relief. If a guild is struggling on 4HM around Week 5 or 6, one of the last fights in the instance and one of the hardest to boot, they’ll have still dramatically outpaced what a typical guild can accomplish in any later content.

Naxx will be fun, new for a lot of folks, but ultimately dropped like everything else, even with frequent screw ups.


AQ40 was so much easier than what I expected tbh.