Name reservations? This is a first

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that’s interesting

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It also sounds like an easy way to see launch population estimates.


Im curious because if they don’t have server names out by then do you just select a name then put it on a server later? Sounds a bit confusing right now.


Read the news post, it says realm names will be available closer to launch.

Realm Names will be available prior to Name Reservation
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Eagerly waiting for Bornakk’s response. :yum:


Just wanting to stress this part, we’ll elaborate on this whole thing later but wanted to let people know it would happen and hopefully it makes it so you can play a little faster on August 27. :slight_smile:

Realm Names will be available prior to Name Reservation

Ok, thank you. Was a bit confused.


And what happened to playing a little faster… in the SUMMER?

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I’m strongly considering pre-bookmarking my original huntard’s name, just for the lolz

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you mean the summer that ends after 3 full weeks into september?


You’re lucky they made it so Gnomes could even play! Most Gnomes are in the server room right now. Gnomes replaced hamsters at Blizzard HQ. :slight_smile:

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Looks like my laptop is coming to work with me that day.

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I’ve had mondays and tuesdays off for over a decade.

Just need a server list now so friend logistics can happen.


No, it specifically says “character creation”, so you’ll just make a toon you can’t log into right away.

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Sweet. I had my 8 alliance toons picked out for class/race/name (with contingency names) now it looks like I can make three early and save the ones I am only mildly interested in for launch day. Yay Blizz!!

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I’m sure some people will, but don’t take it as an indication that you HAVE to in order to get the name you want, or at the very least enjoy classic. I’m sure there’s some post in here claiming it’s the end of the world they have to take fof work to reserve a name.


Please, make one of the server name: Nostalrius.

Would also be nice, to name those server about past developer(who passed away) and did help create WoW.


Bornakk, this is the US forums, we get it on Aug 26 remember? At 3 pm.

9 miles off south city…

2 andr… I think I spaced out there for a moment.

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I’m surprised they set it to a date where someone who adds game time today and through the next two months (gambling for a Beta invite) won’t have expired just yet. They could have chosen August 20 instead, and not let people take a two-week break from paying.

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why dont u just tell us if there is oceanic servers for australia or not. stop ghosting us