Name reservations? This is a first

I’m having surgery at 5:30 am the next morning so may not even be able to log on for launch evening. I love the idea that I will already have 3 of my favorite character’s names reserved. No telling when I will be up to playing while recovering.

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Dont forget us in the Americas get to create them on the 12th 3pm pacific, 6pm eastern


I think they are going to cluster everyone onto the same servers at launch, they will probably spin languages off at a later date.

The time has not been confirmed.

Well this is exciting!

So should be around 3pm PST on the 12th? Right?

The longer they wait to announce the time for reservation, and the server list, the more it seems it wont be ready on the date they had planned.

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This kinda sounds a little scummy on the surface but really should give them a useful indication of launch pop and will help them on launch day.

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More #changes people dont seem to care about…

That being said I dont care about it either…

but the cult of #nochanges should be all over this change…

Start to think this if they dont give us server information 72 Hours Prior to the 12th

Logic says it’ll work just as the roll out date does.

Well I have 3 names set up and I reaaaally hope they aren’t twitch names. These have been with me basically my whole gaming career and I have 0 interest in watching streamers. I only know of asmogolds name because of forums. I just don’t watch streamers/youtubers.

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Maybe, but it hasn’t been officially confirmed.


(at least 10 characters)

Because some people are… well, obsessed with streamers, even though they say they hate streamers. Usually boils down to envy, like people in high school who hate the popular kids, but always secretly wanted to be one of them.

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You were saying

So how is Asmongold going to be able to claim his name when there will be HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of people camping the game at 3:00pm PST on 8/12 waiting to snatch it?

I was saying it hadn’t been confirmed, and it hadn’t. Now it has.

And I’m saying i was right :stuck_out_tongue:

So fall is just october and november?

Sounds like Fall got the shaft.