Name one thing you wish you could change/add to Shadowlands

:hushed: it’s like little meteors

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I want to buff people again. Not being able to toss out BoW and BoK to all and sundy on my paladin is depressing.

I know right?! It fits the theme of the zone so well. Blizzard’s art team has been carrying this game on their back for years :joy:

All my friends with no time to play or no desire to play got beta.

Me sittin here with 15 hour days of nothing to do… crickets.

I want lorebooks. Thousands and thousands of lorebooks that explain every single little thing in wow universe. Just like in ESO


Adding new races and classes. They have tons of amazing races that never end up playable, and the current race that looks amazing to me at the moment is the Botani

I would really really like the Sylvar and the Ven’thyr to be Allied races. But I also really want sethrak and kelfin.

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I was hoping venthyr would get added too! They’re basically gargoyles, and look amazing

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Being able to play on my current computer

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I’d remove any and all idiotic ‘systems’ that are just there to waste my time in a vain effort to dupe me into thinking its ‘content’

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That’s tough to pick 1…

Overall my top would I guess be removing Pathfinder. #2 gotta go with untying class abilities from covenants and making them only give utility abilities.

Just for my pally, no holy power
For my Warlock, demon stable with tameable new ones.

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Blue eyes for Blood Elves!

er…wait. :crazy_face:

Flying at max level.


Actually hoping I cant, lol
I need a really good excuse to upgrade :laughing:

This would be awesome! :heart_eyes_cat:

I hope Worgens get their tails, too.

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I can turn it into one though.

A completely revamped tradeskill system, along with a revamp of the gathering/harvesting system.

I play mmorpgs for depth, but WoW really seems to be headed for the very very shallowest end of the mmo pool. There is more to an rpg than combat, and endless poorly thought out systems stacked on other poorly thought out systems.

this isn’t cash money

I’d like to add MoP arms to Shadowlands.
That’s all.

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Timegated flying, again.

The only reason Blizz has been doing good is because COVID has forced people indoors. Not because they are creating amazing products. BFA is still a failure and Shadowlands looks as promising as WoD did and that expansion was aweful.