Name one thing you wish you could change/add to Shadowlands

For me it would be worgen tails. (No surprise there)

And no this is not a worgen tails thread undercover, that’s honestly what I want. What about you?


no aoe cap


Remove the bonus damage from doing old world dungeons then remove the aoe cap

See which one people think is worse

The obvious answer is unlock Covenant abilities tho

No AoE cap. I havent even tried it yet and I know I’m going to hate it.

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Bets are you’ll barely notice it

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How would I not notice taking ten times longer to clear content that I’ve done a thousand times?

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What’s your main?

Solo mythics and all mounts/appearances un-retired.

What does my main have to do with abilities not hitting the same number of targets they used to?


Tell me your main and I’ll tell you why

Oof aoe cap is gettin’ haaaaaaaaated.

Nah. AoE cap is dumb and I dont need some random forum poster to try to tell me how wrong I am for that point to stand.

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I said to remove it if they remove the bonus damage for doing old world clears

I don’t care about the aoe cap at all

Have a different story.

Going to the land of the dead strikes me as really weird.

Okay I’ll assume you’re a priest

You will pull a bunch of mobs, you’ll cast mindseer on one and everything will drop dead still

Well, my main isnt a Priest, but even if it was that doesnt mean that everyone else who doesnt main a Priest would be okay with this change.

Give Priests the option to “tame” NPC humanoids and store them for later use like hunter pets… The skill itself is very niche and this would add more flavor. Plus could be used by all specs because the light wants control just as much as the void, if not more so.

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Removing the restricting punishments around covenants and conduits.

I’d increase the number of Legendaries equippable to 2. Right now we’re basically looking at Legion ~0.75. I honestly find it baffling that we’re only allowed to have one, unless Blizzard changed that out from under me somehow.