Name one thing you wish you could change/add to Shadowlands

I want to see Devilsaur mounts added to the game. While I do like that Hunters are getting Undead Devilsaurs in the most recent Beta build. It makes me question even more why don’t we have mount versions of them yet.

Gnome Paladin.

  1. No aoe cap bullcrap
  2. No ridiculous timegating flying
  3. No more rent-an-ability (artifact, azerite, corruption, etc)
  4. Revert the vast majority of the horrible SL beta changes to havoc
  5. Get rid of rtb completely for comb…erm, outlaw
  6. Revert affliction locks to be closer to what they were in legion
  7. No more voidform for spriests
  8. Allow hunters to change pet specs again
  9. Flight form for dh
  10. some reworking of the following specs that are currently underplayed because of being weak/broken/boring: arcane mage, vengeance demon hunter, feral druid
  11. A story line players care about
  12. Give diaper gnomes the ability to show pants
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With the advent of undead pets finally I have but one thing that I could “possibly” ask for on my incredibly short lists of wants (technically two): Glyph of Stampede back, and for Mail users to mog ANYTHING besides just mail, for sake of ease let’s say maybe just leather?

I’d get rid of infinitely scaling content.

Fixes + new customization options for the Nightborne player model. :smiley:

Server stability so more than 40 people can exist in in one place without lagging it to hell. If that would happen you can kiss CRZ goodbye.

Solo-queueable rated PVP content/modes

I wish I could change the fact that I made that purchase.

Soulbind trees are now saved to each spec, so you can use the same tree for every spec if you wanted.

There you go, I just fixed a lot of multi-spec issues in Shadowlands.

All of that is needless.

As an RP/Casual - none of that adds value to my gameplay. It’s just punishing for other people simply because they want to play the game more.

AoE cap and a Week Long Soulbind Reset

Its pretty simple, my options are I only hit 5 targets or blizzard has yet to put the cap on some abilities. And idk about you but I often pull more than 5 targets in dungeons.

The one thing I would change about Shadowlands is the Conduit system. I would personally make Conduits operate like old Glyphs, and make Jewlcrafters or Inscriptionists able to make them to reinvigorate the economy.

This way the people who want to re-socket Conduits all the time can do that, but in return they are paying for it and stimulating the economy, similar to how old glyphs were. That would make more professions useful, as well as open more end-game avenues for people who are pro-crafting. On top of that, it would allow people to change as they please without having to worry about a week cooldown to do so. :slight_smile:

Remove covenants. Just toss them in the trash. Completely.

It would not be Shadowlands without covenants, but I still respect your opinion. I personally am very exited for Ardenweald simply because of the aesthetic.

Ardenweald looks like such a great zone. I saw a video of what rain looked like in the zone and it was simply fantastic. I love everything about that Covenant except the gear, so I’m still somewhat undecided.

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Please link I must watch

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Not sure how I can make the link smaller but here it is, I saw it on Reddit. It looks so good.


More class/race options. The rigging is already there for most of the classes