Name one thing you wish you could change/add to Shadowlands

Being able to play on my current computer

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I’d remove any and all idiotic ‘systems’ that are just there to waste my time in a vain effort to dupe me into thinking its ‘content’

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That’s tough to pick 1…

Overall my top would I guess be removing Pathfinder. #2 gotta go with untying class abilities from covenants and making them only give utility abilities.

Just for my pally, no holy power
For my Warlock, demon stable with tameable new ones.

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Blue eyes for Blood Elves!

er…wait. :crazy_face:

Flying at max level.


Actually hoping I cant, lol
I need a really good excuse to upgrade :laughing:

This would be awesome! :heart_eyes_cat:

I hope Worgens get their tails, too.

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I can turn it into one though.

A completely revamped tradeskill system, along with a revamp of the gathering/harvesting system.

I play mmorpgs for depth, but WoW really seems to be headed for the very very shallowest end of the mmo pool. There is more to an rpg than combat, and endless poorly thought out systems stacked on other poorly thought out systems.

this isn’t cash money

I’d like to add MoP arms to Shadowlands.
That’s all.

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Timegated flying, again.

The only reason Blizz has been doing good is because COVID has forced people indoors. Not because they are creating amazing products. BFA is still a failure and Shadowlands looks as promising as WoD did and that expansion was aweful.

Good news, death and decay will hit every target

Epidemic will, I assume VP will too, your pet cleave will hit everything, a bursting sore will hit 8 targets and unholy blight will hit everything to

Maybe even necrolord and venthyr abilities too

It does no damage. Never has, frost has death and decay but it isn’t worth using in aoe because it doesn’t interact with their kit and they get more damage just spamming frostscythe. The only reason blood and unholy will use it is for the cleave which only hits 5 targets.

If they are serious about target capping then at least epidemic and unholy blight will be capped at 8. VP won’t be capped but they already messed that up. Pet cleave being uncapped would be broken because my pets melee aoe is sometimes my top dmg in aoe.

Night fae will be uncapped if death and decay is but that might only matter depending on the strength gained per person. Necrolord won’t do that much damage and venthyr will have to be capped at 8 or not capped but likely capped at 8.

Either way it will still feel bad for my cleave to only hit 5 targets. Certainly it makes unholy a much worse spec.

I’d still like them to add a new class because new classes have always been fun for me.

2h enhance shammys


All scaling!

straightens Dwight glasses

In Cataclysm, a Death and Decay did more damage than a fully disease modified Scourge Strike, assuming the mob(s) in question stood in the circle for the full duration, making it a gain even in Single Target situations.

Legion style Bodyguard Followers, the second generation where you have a button to send them away or call out.

Black bear is best.

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They’re not bad - it’s just the restrictions that make them bad.