Name change bugged?

Just did a name change for an alt looks like it went through tried to log on alt get black screen. Will give name to blue only if asked please help me get this one into Azeroth.

You mite not get a blue post till morning and even then they wouldnt be able to help are u getting any error message at all when u try to log into the toon.

No error i log in game fine just got the alt I name changed on screen has old name feels like I wasted money here.

Open a problem with purchase ticket and a GM should be able to look into it it will take roughly 24hrs tho.

Wait hold on a sec might been a backlog all of a sudden it told me name change was ready and now has name I wanted guess name changes are popular.

THey can be glad it resolved on its own digital purchases usuayl are instant but sometimes they can take up 2 24hrs to process.

Sorry for wasting your time but as always thank you.

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Wasnt a waste of my time thats what were here for.