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Hi everyone! Glad to have found this thread. I’m desperately looking for Carmilla, Mircalla or any flower name (Peony, Rose, Dahlia, etc…) on Moon Guard. I don’t have much to trade but will try my best if you’re offering them.

holoblossom#0630 on discord. Thanks!

I’m searching for Tarala on MG and WRA.
Poking me on the forums is likely the best way to get my attention these days.

Would love this name – ‘Sef’ – on MG!!

Hi, I’m interseted in a few of those names. If you still have them add Kitten#12143 on bnet!

Updated the lists and added Cam (on Wyrmrest Accord) to mine as well.

hey! please add me to the list

have: Lucid, Elysian, Enigma (moon guard)

want: names on illidan OR gold

bnet: Exile#12689

Kero, Cuddle and Maha have all found new homes!
Here is my new, up to date list of names I have.
Drednaw (Moon Guard)
Meatlog (Moon Guard)
Eaglehoof (Moon Guard)
Kurangi (Moon Guard)
Tuktu (Moon Guard)
Harshu (Moon Guard)
Hovoni (Moon Guard)
Beefu (Moon Guard)
Singer (WRA)
Shot (WRA)
KKSlider (WRA)
Bury (WRA)

. character limit


Shibe#1337 on discord I want shot

Tossed you a discord request :> I should be around most of the day, so hit me up when ever you feel like :smiley:

See latest post.

You know you could offer an escrow service for gold. I was thinking why nobody ever thought of that. Seller tells escrow company which name and deletes it. Escrow creates toon and advertizes name. Then buyer comes in and sends gold to escrow which takes cut and deletes toon and buyer creates toon. Escrow sends gold to seller.
Simple and could be lucrative

The only problem i see with that is that some people only trade names for names, and dont want to trade them for gold, and since most names people want are a personal preference and dont want to deal with the hassle of sifting through gold and name offers at the same time.

I’ve traded a few names for gold and that’s not really necessary. You just give the gold to the person and they delete the name for you, or they delete first and you give gold. Probably cause we all posted here so there’s not much to worry about and involving a third person is more risky / time consuming.

Plus I think people just want names or a small bit of a gold… not a big business.

I find that the more people involved, the more messy it can get. More chance for someone to vanish with the payment.
When I sell names, I offer to call them on discord (they dont need to talk) and tell them the exact second I delete it through voice or we make use of Btag messaging in the same way, minus voice.
That way, they have more than just my character name. They have by Btag and/or Discord. This gives extra security and helps with the fear of something going wrong.
Heck, I’ve even screen shared once for someone that was nervous that I was going to run off with their gold.

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Looking for the name Intamin on Moon Guard!

I can offer:

  • Jalopy ( MG )
  • Mettaton ( WrA )
  • Alphys ( MG )
  • Vekoma ( MG )
  • Pixlexia ( WrA )

I used to own Nightshade ;.;

Was a nelf rogue


  • Nightmane (MG)
  • Thornwitch (MG)
  • Mordrake (MG)
  • Edith (MG)
  • Watching (MG)
  • Alleson (MG)
  • Rescued (MG)
  • Prescilla (MG)
  • Matronly (MG)
  • Deathling (MG)
  • Purehearted (MG / WrA)
  • Meggan (WrA)
  • Josiphine (WrA)
  • Lorrie (WrA)
  • Batkeeper (WrA)
  • Girly (WrA)
  • Statuesque (WrA)
  • Warded (WrA)
  • Brutally (WrA)
  • Protects (WrA)
  • Spellbooks (WrA)
  • Talonis (WrA)
  • Inscribe (WrA)
  • Engineers (WrA)
  • Leathers (WrA)
  • Seamstress (WrA)
  • Solemnly (WrA/MG)
  • Infatuate (WrA)

Willing to trade for other names or gold. If interested, send in-game mail to Neji on Wyrmrest Accord (hordeside), or Kaaisa on Moon Guard (allianceside) - or a request on Discord at Wisp#1295

I’d trade the guild name ‘Order of the Silver Hand’ for ‘The Scarlet Crusade’.

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New year, new post!

I have the following names for trade:

Wyrmrest Accord:

  • Mica
  • Petra
  • Vera
  • Peace (in use ; tentative)

Moon Guard:

  • Lapis (in use)
  • Miriam
  • Evening
  • Larkspur

For trading, I am primarily seeking neutral or feminine-leaning real words or real names, specifically things involving mythology or nature. I am also looking at gold offers.

Hit me up on Discord!

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I just spent forever trying to find mythology/nature names and I’m at a total loss. I wish Blizzard would just add surnames so we didn’t have to worry about names being taken. I love gemstones and all the ones I want are taken xD