[N-RP] The Argent Bulwark - Five Years Baby!

Obligatory .gif post every time I see other Argents:


Loved running that event with you guys yesterday!

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Just want to bump your thread and say you guys are awesome!

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Appreciated Revenwynn! We’re so glad to have you with us!

Much appreciation, Revenwynn! Happy to have you with us!

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And now I’m in on my main.

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That’s all. <3

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Ok since Mirchea had to bring us up in their thread for someone, I’m bumping this.


As the battle rages in the Shadowlands a small contingent of Crusaders still seeks to keep the Scourge in check in the Plaguelands, choosing to spend their lives protecting home and defending all of Azeroth’s peoples. More help is needed!

Just dropping back in to remind Lantos he still owes me either two billion gold, or three boxes of home made chocolate chip and peanut butter cookies.


Once more I’m here to ask for your financial assistance.

Though, we’re still going strong, always looking to build our base of members, either alts or mains, toss 'em in, we’re glad to have people of all shapes and sizes.

We also have a Horde version of the Bulwark available, and we’re beginning the next chapter in our “Return of the Scourge Campaign” in the next week or two.

ALSO - This November is our NINTH anniversary!


Have at thee with a friendly bump from Kul Tiras!


:heart: :heart: Appreciated friend!

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Hello. I’m looking for a Lordaeron/Argent Crusade Guild in terms of RP, I also know the lore of the Argent and Silver Hand Lore and etc. I’m still looking for a Guild and I haven’t been in one yet. I used to be until the guild I was in ether fell apart or just bit of kind of alonely online. If you guys are still around. I would be happy to join you. I really would like to make friends.

Yes, we’re still around! we have a website and a discord, the Discord is where most of our guild chatter is.

We’re currently in a campaign to clear out Andorhal from the Scourge once more. You can either send me an in game message or send Lantos one. :slight_smile:

Sounds good. I’m mostly play during the day. I can still sent a Application from the Website and go from there.

Just a little bit of a Update. I actually joined a Guild in terms of Argent Theme/Alliance. Even through I haven’t gotten a invite here hmm I hope to see you guys around. Take care and stay safe this year.

I feel like the pandemic isn’t over yet.

Yeah due to all the stuff with blizz we’ve been trying to figure out what to do and haven’t been in game much. Sorry.

Do you ever feel like being an Argent? We’re thinking of coming back and all, stop by if you’re interested in some RP, I got some stories cooking up :slight_smile:


Kinda looking for a group to work with on my Human Paladin! May look into Argent Bulwark!