N-RP Event 🎪 Brightmoon Night Market: VENDORS WANTED

A raspy voice calls out, “Hey you, I’ve got great deals here on watches.” the gnome that accompanies the voice unrolls a case displaying many different kinds of timepieces. He looks tired, bags under his eyes and pale as the full moon. “Watches not your thing? I have rings and necklaces too… maybe something nice for a special friend?”

Down the way, a goblin peddles a small caged animal rarely seen to a human in extravagant robes. Across from him an elf hands over a few springs of Blood Thistle to another of his kind.

A troll sits with her back against a box, pulling cards for a client and laying them on a rug before her.

And nearby the bar is rowdy with song and heated arguments, and a brawl is going on in the Circle of Wills where the yells of “Place yer bets here.” can be heard.

The Underbelly just got a little bit shadier, the Brightmoon Night Market is in business.


We are currently looking for vendors that want to be a part of our event! Please connect with us right here, or message me on BNET - spoonymog#1854.

When: TBA @ 6:30 ST (vendors come for 6)
Where: (Old) Dalaran, Underbelly near the Cantrips and Crows.
Faction: Neutral (Bring your Elixers of Tounges)
Contact: Gorrimm or Lindiwe
Warmode: Off

A haven to fence your goods, sell your experimental potions, or maybe do a little VooDoo for a client! Not selling? Come check out the market and discover that thing that you have always been missing… your friends brothers ring that was stolen 2 years ago.

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Unfortunately because of some IRL stuff that has come up with the organizers, we are having to postpone this event.

We are still going to be doing a show on the 21st! Come check us out!

I’ll reach out about being a vendor! It won’t be on this character though.

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I will reply to this message once we have set a date!

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