[N-Event] Brightmoon Shows 🤹 Next: May 10th! (Wyrmrest Accord)

It is hard to miss the Brightmoon Carnies, dressed up in signature purple and green that hints of Darkmoon Faire, but is very obviously a cheaper knock off. They might look shabby but talk a big game…

They offer up ragged handbill to everyone that even catches their eye for a second - “You there sir! Have you ever seen a dancing bear? Yeh? How about acts of daring-do? We have a missus tha’ fires herself right from a cannon!”

Before a word can be exchanged, a flyer is clapped into hands. “Date, time an location is right on there! Hope ta see ya!” then the carnie moves right on to the next mark. One last look over the shoulder the carnie shouts, “Tha’ poster will be a collectable one day! I promise!”

The Brightmoon Faire - we might be the littlest show on Azeroth, but we bring the intensity.


May 10th @ 6:30 - 7:00 (WRA ST)

Faction: Neutral - Bring your Elixirs of Tounges!
Contact: Lindiwe (spoonymog#1854)

Event schedule (ISH):
6:00 - seating & refreshments ((Also summons))
6:30 - Let’s start the show!
7:30 - end of show fireworks
7:40 - fortune tellers, games & street vendors start

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