[N-RP] ♪ J'ouvert Daybreak ♫ - Oct. 4!

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When: Sunday, October 4th, 12PM WRA | 2PM MG
Where: Behind the Gurubashi Arena, The Cape of Stranglethorn (49, 12)
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The autumn season is here and that means it’s time to invoke the festive spirit of renewal! Do you like getting messy with colorful paints and powders? Dancing nonstop with the rising sun? How about a party that heralds new beginnings? Caught your attention? Good! Cause J’ouvert (pronounced Jou-vay) is a festival that welcomes the start of Carnival celebrations and you are invited!

LA MASQUERADE events proudly presents a Caribbean daybreakers fete (party) beneath the morning sun! Join us in celebration of J’ouvert with the bombastic sounds of Soca and Calypso music. Come get drenched in water, paint, and powder while jumping and jamming at the Cape of Stranglethorn!

OOC: J’ouvert Daybreak is the first in a series of events to showcase Trinidadian culture to Azeroth. My family is from Trinidad so sharing these pieces of our culture is very special to me.

:trinidad_tobago: History of J’ouvert :trinidad_tobago:

J’ouvert is a tradition of resistance that has resonated throughout the hearts of many Caribbean people. J’ouvert marks the official start of the carnival celebrations that occur every year in Trinidad & Tobago. It all started in 1783 when French settlers’ introduced masquerade balls to the Caribbean. The slaves were banned from participating in their masters’ Carnival celebrations, so they would hold their own in their backyards. Once emancipated in 1838, the people of Trinidad & Tobago blended their own rituals and created a new Carnival. One that embraced the festival as an expression of freedom. Certain J’ouvert traditions are carried forward in remembrance of the civil disobedience against oppression such as people smearing themselves with oil or paint to avoid being recognized.

Calypso and Soca music are the musical souls of the celebration as it reflects the voice of the people. Calypso music was developed in Trinidad during the 17 century and is characterized by highly rhythmic and harmonic vocals. Prior to the independence of Trinidad and Tobago, calypsonians (singers of the genre) would use their music to provide socio-political commentary. Soca developed from Calypso, but that will be discussed in the next history entry. Both musical genres are played during the J’ouvert festival as people dance through the streets before sunrise into the hours after. Across the Caribbean, J’ouvert is celebrated in a multitude of ways, but always proceeds before the big Carnival or “Pretty Mas” parade. J’ouvert values the transgressive dirt, while Pretty Mas celebrates the transcendent glitter.

Link to Event Art & Info: tinyurl. com/JouvertDaybreak :confetti_ball:

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:trinidad_tobago: Riddim History :trinidad_tobago:

J’ouvert is steeped in tradition and playing mud mas involves participants known as Jab Jabs covering themselves and others in paints, chocolate, mud, white powder and an array of other things. It customary that everyone gets involved in the celebration and newcomers will be covered by other painted revelers.


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:trinidad_tobago: Riddim History :trinidad_tobago:

The name “Jab Jab” is derived from the French patois word for ‘Diable Diable’. Many people like to play traditional characters or mas on the streets to celebrate the history behind the festival.

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